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   Chapter 1435 Bloodsucker Ancestor's Avatar

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Realizing that the situation was hopeless, the three remaining Bloodsucker Princes knew that they had no other choice.

In the bloodsucker race, every Bloodsucker Prince was regarded as a slave to the Bloodsucker Ancestor. Each one had a unique way to offer sacrifices to the ancestor in exchange for something.

However, once a Bloodsucker Prince resorted to this, his soul would fall into darkness forever. Thus, very few Bloodsucker Princes chose to do so. Only a dire situation like this called for it.

"Let's seek help from the ancestor!" Joris and another prince nodded at each other, ready to begin their sacrifice.

"Great ancestor, listen to your humble servant's story..."

One of the three princes offered up his blood and soul. Immediately, eight altars appeared in front of him.

To his surprise, the other two princes, Joris and Ryker, didn't make a move.

"Joris! Ryker! What are you two doing?"

the Bloodsucker Prince demanded. Then, his eyes widened as he finally realized what was going on: he was fooled into sacrificing himself to summon the ancestor.

But he had already begun the process, so there was no turning back now.

Thick blood mist shrouded the eight altars. The Bloodsucker Prince who made the sacrifice lay in the middle, chanting an ancient and obscure language under his breath.

Runes began to flash in the blood mist.

From above, Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng were closely observing the situation unfold before them.

"Why don't we make a move now?" Knowing in his gut that something was wrong, Lord Feng turned to look at Lord Starry Sword uneasily.

"Don't you want to see what happens?" Lord Starry Sword replied monotonously, his eyes flashing coldly.

Lord Feng raised his eyebrows but didn't respond. He had immediately understood what Lord Starry Sword meant.

It turned out Lord Starry Sword had already heard of the Bloodsucker Princes' unique method. That was why he had stopped him from leaving.

"Interesting," Lord Feng muttered under his breath. The two stopped chit chatting and trained their attention on the scene below them.

The blood mist was growing thicker and thicker. Finally, it surged and gradually condensed into a hapless figure of the bloodsucker race.

From a distance, the figure's face couldn't be seen clearly, but the six pairs of bat wings on its back made it clear who he was.

Upon the appearance of this figure, Joris and Ryker, who had been standing to the side, immediately fell to their knees in respect for him.

"My ancestor, please kill those despicable humans and save your humble servants,"

pleaded the trembling Bloodsucker Prince who had summoned him.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Just then, countless streaks of lightning exploded on the seventh floor

Sword also made his move to attack.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Twenty-four white shadows shot out, each one clutching a divine sword. This was Lord Starry Sword's actual strength.

He had a total of twenty-four Supreme Sword Intent Forms!

This time, however, each of the phantoms was holding two swords, a black one and a white one.

The twenty-four Supreme Sword Intent Forms all simultaneously launched forty-eight streams of sword intent, black and white intertwined, shuttling through the blood sea.

However, blood red figures emerged from the sloshing red sea just in time to meet the Supreme Sword Intent Forms. Each figure looked exactly the same as the Bloodsucker Ancestor's avatar.

Immediately, the blood red figures and the Supreme Sword Intent Forms engaged in a fierce battle. The sea of blood began to flow violently, rolling up huge waves that was half a million kilometers high, and with this, the Starry Tower also began to shake.

The sheer power was absolutely terrifying.


Just then, Lord Starry Sword suddenly vanished.

He had dove into the sea of blood, spreading out his magnificent god's sense, searching for the location of the avatar of the Bloodsucker Ancestor.

Lord Feng immediately followed suit. His body began to surge with a purple gold god's power, and he held a purple and gold-specked spear in his hand. His entire aura also reached its peak.

Even inside the Starry Tower, Darren and Gilmer held their breath as they witnessed the powerful auras of both sides.

"They are so powerful. It's hard to imagine..."

Gilmer murmured under his breath. Before this, he had thought that Connor, the leader of the Blood Cloud Region, was at the same level as Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng, albeit slightly weaker.

But now it seemed that he had been a naive fool to have thought so.

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