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   Chapter 1434 Another Breakthrough

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As a Bloodsucker Prince, even if he were to confront death, then he should die in a dignified way, trading blows with a worthy adversary.

Naturally, the Bloodsucker Prince felt his pride defiled at the hands of the powerful human when he saw he had sent a nobody of the Celestial God Realm to lay waste to him.

"Perish, you weakling!"

With the recent humiliation churning his anger, the Bloodsucker Prince roared, taking a fierce swipe at Darren with his bloody claw.

Watching him close in on him so quickly made Darren's heart skip a beat!

The swiftness of it all shocked him enough to remain frozen in place. Before the bloody claw could even make contact with Darren's body, he felt his internal organs eviscerate.

It all happened so fast that Darren didn't even get a chance to activate his god's power, much less move. The next moment, the bloody claw had landed on top of Darren's head, attempting to break his skull in half.


Suddenly, a black and white sword intent swooped in above Darren's head and foiled the attack, protecting him.

Unable to register anything, Darren stood in place, baffled. He realized the gap between his and his opponent's abilities was far too great. If Lord Starry Sword hadn't intervened, he would have been reduced to a fountain of blood mist.


Surprised, the Bloodsucker Prince staggered back a few steps to steady his footing.

"Don't just stand there. Make your move!" Agitated, Lord Starry Sword scolded Darren back to his senses.

"Right, okay! I'll give it my all!"

Preparing himself to fight, Darren used the fifth move of the supreme sword skill coupled with his violent surging sword intent to unleash a formidable attack.

Carefully reading his movements, the Bloodsucker Prince flapped his broken wings, manifesting himself into a bloody line and swerved away from Darren's attack, effortlessly.

"Darren, watch your back!" Observing the battle from afar, Gilmer fiddled with his hands, worried out of his wits for Darren. The movements of the bloody line were so fast that even he was unable to keep track of it with his eyes.

As a countermeasure for the opponent's untraceable speed, Darren surrounded himself with hundreds of blade shadows to act as a curtain.


Suddenly, the blade shadows collided with some obstruction and were reduced to pieces, and Darren was sent flying from the impact.

After Darren was knocked back, the Bloodsucker Prince appeared in the spot where Darren once stood with his blade shadows.

Heaving heavy breaths, the Bloodsucker Prince stood supporting his left shoulder, an inch long wound carved on his skin from Darren's blades, blood dripping profusely.

"Heh, not bad. Darren is something else!" Watching Darren hold his own against the powerful Bloodsucker Prince made Lord Feng's eyes lit up, beaming with pride. It was indeed a praiseworthy achievement to break the defense of the Bloodsucker Prince when Darren's cultivation level was only at the Celestial God Realm.

"How did he pull that off?" Gilmer exclaimed with surprise. Despite being at the low-level of the Superior God level, he was unsuccessful in reading the Bloodsucker Prince's movements. And on the other hand, Darren managed to inflict an injury on him, which was incredible.

The Bloodsucker Prince stood glaring at Darren's figure, clutching his greatest humiliation masquerading as the cut carved by Darren on his shoulder.

Flying backward to add in some distance between himself and his foe, Darren smi

as left utterly dumbfounded. What the hell was going on?

Darren was at the middle-level of the Celestial God Realm, but Gilmer felt the faint aura of a supreme god from him. He could not express what he was sensing. The feeling was beyond the limitation of words.

"Good Darren, very good." Lord Feng watched with his eyes sparkling with gratification, like a father proud of his son.

"Starry Sword, at this rate, it seems it won't take long before he reaches the Superior God Realm. What do you plan on doing after?" Lord Feng asked, suddenly sounding serious.

Remaining nonchalant, Lord Starry Sword kept his stiff expression, but this time, he didn't brush aside Lord Feng's words. "Whatever you plan on doing."

"Heh. It's settled then. Even if I have to raze the heaven and the earth to the ground, I'd gladly do it if it means to protect Darren!" Lord Feng declared with a wave of his sleeve.

In their eyes, the battle between Darren and the Bloodsucker Prince had reached a stalemate. After putting one of the broken wings out of commission, Darren retreated, having received fatal injuries of his own.

But this battle was enough to go down in the history of the human race.

"Gilmer, I think Darren has weakened him enough. You should step in and support Darren to kill that guy off." Lord Feng released a streak of god's power to treat Darren's wounds before turning to Gilmer.

"About time! I've been looking forward to having my warm-up with that guy."

Nodding to Lord Feng, Gilmer stepped in at Darren's side, violent god's power surging through every fiber of his being.

Now with Gilmer at his beck and call and his wounds healed, Darren rushed to attack the already feeble Bloodsucker Prince with renewed vigor.

The battle only lasted for an hour. The Bloodsucker Prince was left brutally dismembered by both Darren and Gilmer. In the end, he was reduced to a fountain of blood mist as it gushed out of his detached limbs and later absorbed by the remaining Bloodsucker Princes.

"We cannot die like this! If we are to fall in this battle, it will stain our reputation, and we will be subjected to eternal disgrace! Joris, please call the ancestor to aid us."

Realizing the tide of the battle had shifted in their enemy's favor, the remaining three Bloodsucker Princes were determined to use their last resort.

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