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   Chapter 1433 The Celestial God Realm

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Lord Feng was surprised to actually be asked to stay by Lord Starry Sword. This was very uncharacteristic.

But he had asked, and so Lord Feng complied with his request, waiting aside quietly instead of leaving in a hurry.

The four Bloodsucker Princes below remained still and cautious. Whoever rushed forward first would end up just like the last of them who had been sucked dry once being seriously injured; there would be nothing left to speak of.

It was obvious that the human swordsman was much stronger than them.

"Human, I must admit you are indeed very powerful. We admit defeat this time. What will it take for you to let us go?"

The Bloodsucker Princes did not want to put their lives at risk going against Lord Starry Sword. They felt a negotiation was the only way out of this. They believed every creature in the world was greedy to some extent and that they'd survive if they provided Lord Starry Sword with enough of whatever he asked for.

"You're bargaining?"

Lord Feng asked, gliding down a little while Lord Starry Sword remained silent.

"Yes, name your price. What is it you want? Land? Resources?" asked Joris, Carthy's father.

"You can't afford what we want," Lord Feng replied, smiling devilishly.

"Just tell me. Do not underestimate the great Bloodsucker Princes. We can fulfill your wildest dreams," answered Joris proudly.

"Give us your life," Lord Feng said, putting his hands behind his back as a killing intent surged out from his body.

"Humph, you mean we're not going to talk about this?"

"Let's be clear. I have never wanted to exchange words with you, okay? Fool!"


Lord Feng then disappeared and the void began to shake as if an earthquake had hit.

A moment later, a palm shadow plummeted from the sky, destroying everything in its path.

"Nether Life and Death Skill."

Lord Starry Sword squinted slightly at this skill, for he knew it was not Lord Feng's, but Alfredo's.

Some time ago, Yolanda had given the images of more than a dozen of Alfredo's important battles to Lord Feng and Lord Starry Sword. The two of them could not wait to watch them and comprehend the skills Alfredo had used.

Alfredo had used the Nether Life and Death Skill in one of the battles. This cultivation method only had nine palm strikes in total, but it was still far more difficult to comprehend it than the ordinary supreme martial formulas.

In the battle, Alfredo had used a total of six palm strikes to kill his opponent.

The opponent was a Defiant Master of the fiend race, whose strength far exceeded that of a deputy god at the peak state.

Now that Lord Feng had actually managed to master this skill, Lord Starry Sword knew without a doubt that he had more potential than he did, even if only a lit

ality. Even though Darren had reached the Celestial God Realm, the powerful pressure here still made him uncomfortable. Even Gilmer next to him felt a little uneasy.

Lord Starry Sword waved his hand and a majestic sword intent gushed out, dispersing all the blood vitality and god's power. All was then revealed.

In the void, ahead of them, Lord Feng hovered in the air, while the four Bloodsucker Princes knelt on one knee before him.

He had defeated them all.

"Really quite boring," Lord Feng confessed, shaking his head as he flew to Lord Starry Sword's side. He continued, "Did you really need to ask me to stay just to take care of these little bats?"

Lord Starry Sword paid him absolutely no mind, and simply waved his hand at the Bloodsucker Princes, grabbing one of them from the air.

"Darren, come here."

"Sir, Darren has just reached the Celestial God Realm. I'm afraid it's not appropriate," Gilmer interjected. He thought it impossible for Darren to contend with a Bloodsucker Prince, even if the prince was seriously injured. A warrior at the Celestial God Realm could still not by any means break his defense.

Even if Darren could exert the combat power at the top level of the Celestial God Realm, he was still nothing in the face of a Bloodsucker Prince, even an injured one.

And even if the Bloodsucker Prince didn't fight back, Darren would still not be able to kill him.

"It doesn't matter. I will try nonetheless,"

Darren said, stepping forward. He did not fear for his life with Lord Feng and Lord Starry Sword around.


Darren flew out and landed in front of the Bloodsucker Prince with a solid thump as he hit the ground.

"Humans... You are leading yourselves to your own ruin..."

said the fatally wounded Bloodsucker Prince, staring at Darren with bloody eyes boiling over with rage.

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