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   Chapter 1432 Watch The Battle

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Five streaks of blood light burst out at the same time.

"Human, are you really planning on starting a battle with us? Have you thought this all the way through? I hope you're aware of how this is going to end for you!"

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Eighteen Supreme Sword Intent Forms flew out, each drawing flawless sword tracks as they went.

The Supreme Sword Intent Forms sealed every inch of space they passed through.

The five Bloodsucker Princes roared viciously and the whole sky began covering in blood clouds.

Lord Feng stood aside and did not move a muscle. Instead, he smacked his lips and said, "You're much too impulsive. Did you not say that you'd get them to your Starry Tower and kill them? What happened to that idea?"

Lord Starry Sword ignored him, as if he had not heard a word and the other man did not exist. He commanded his eighteen Supreme Sword Intent Forms to charge at the Bloodsucker Princes all at once. After being struck a few times, the princes began to scatter, not allowing the Sword Intent Forms to unleash their full power of a combined attack. It seemed a tactically smart move.

Boom! Boom!

The heaven and the earth rumbled and shook ominously, and a small golden tower suddenly emerged. It appeared above one of the Bloodsucker Princes, unbeknownst to him, taking him before he had the time to react. One moment he was in midair, the next he had disappeared.

The golden tower then made four jumps in a row, and the four other Bloodsucker Princes vanished just as the first did.

Lord Feng then came to understand Lord Starry Sword's plan. Absorbing all the five princes at once was impossible for the Starry Tower. His first maneuver forced them apart so the Starry Tower was then able to take them one by one.

In Finley's small world, Darren had seen everything clearly. A huge wave of excitement surged at the bottom of his heart.

"That is the real Starry Tower! How magnificent!" Darren said in awe.

Darren was lost in amazement as he stared on at the golden tower. He was familiar with its appearance, but the strength of it was hundreds of millions of times more powerful than the Starry Tower he knew.

The desert quieted down after the five Bloodsucker Princes were sucked into the tower. Even their blood aura had disappeared and the whole atmosphere had shifted.

"What a pity!" Gilmer sighed.

He was disappointed to not have had the chance to watch this exciting battle in the Starry Tower.

Darren shared the same feeling.

There were five Bloodsucker Princes. Their battle with Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng was absolutely phenomenal, a true spectacle.

"Oh, wait," Darren said. He then thought for a moment and added, "I too have the Starry

he turned his head however, he did not see hatred in the others' eyes as he had expected, but instead he saw intense hunger staring him down and scanning him.

He began to shudder violently as he knew what was about to happen. The wings of the other Bloodsucker Princes fluttered with blood vitality.

"What are you doing? No... Don't... You can't..." he said hysterically, back peddling, his eyes filled with terror.

The other four raised their palms to the void. The blood that had scattered when he had been injured formed into four streams that the other four Bloodsucker Princes sucked into their palms.


"Wow, how intoxicating."

Extreme pleasure washed over the four that had absorbed the other's blood.


screamed the injured Bloodsucker Prince as four blood shadows pounced on him and crunched down on his artery.

In a flash he had been sucked dry, left as nothing more than a hollow sack falling from the air and turning to dust.

This was the cruelty of the bloodsucker race. Once he had lost his strength, it was the end for him. He could no longer fight back against the others and so was only good for food to them.

"You are all incredibly stupid. You are faced with a truly formidable enemy and yet all you can think of is killing your companion and getting his power," Lord Feng said, shaking his head in disgust. He had decided he did not need to be here any longer and was now readying himself to leave.

He saw no reason for him to stay. If a Bloodsucker Prince would just be killed by his own kind after getting injured, it would not take much time or effort for Lord Starry Sword to get rid of them all. He wouldn't even bother to launch any of his own attacks.

"Stay here,"

Lord Starry Sword said coldly, just as he was about to leave this place.

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