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   Chapter 1431 Luring

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Darren quickly found out that the whole process was very simple. Carthy had persuaded his father to lie to the bloodsucker race, claiming he would change his blood. When a Bloodsucker Prince changed blood, it signaled a promotion. The blood thus replaced could then be exchanged for precious treasures with other Bloodsucker Princes. Such deals often happened during a time of promotion of a Bloodsucker Prince.

That was why Carthy had been so confident in front of Darren. He knew that it was very easy to lure the other Bloodsucker Princes into their trap. The lower level Bloodsucker Princes couldn't resist the temptation of another Bloodsucker Prince's blood.

"Well done. We will inform you of the time and place once we reach an agreement."

"This is understood, master," Carthy replied dutifully.

Darren then relayed everything he learned from Carthy to Gilmer and the others.

"Lord Feng, in your opinion, where should we lure the bloodsuckers to?" Gilmer, who had been at a loss for ideas, turned to Lord Feng for advice.

This operation was by no means a trivial matter. Their opponents were, after all, the Bloodsucker Princes of the bloodsucker race, so they couldn't possibly kill them in public. It was best to find a place where all kinds of communication with the outside world was cut off, so that the bloodsucker race would not find out that the human race was behind all this.

If the bloodsucker race were to find out, then a war of race extermination would surely ensue.

"Doesn't that guy have the Starry Tower? There will be no problem if we kill them from inside." Lord Feng didn't even want to mention the name of Lord Starry Sword, thinking that the latter was much too arrogant.

The Starry Tower of Lord Starry Sword was indeed extraordinary. Once inside, even a supreme god would not be able to send a message out.

"But the problem is, how do we get those Bloodsucker Princes to enter the Starry Tower? What's more, are the two of you masters strong enough to deal with five Bloodsucker Princes of the bloodsucker race?" Darren asked bluntly.

If it were anyone else who asked such a question, it would be interpreted as questioning the abilities of the two great masters. Such impertinence warranted a harsh slap on the face.

"The Starry Tower is very mysterious," Lord Feng replied, unfazed by Darren's straightforwardness. "It won't be too difficult for him to get several Bloodsucker Princes inside. As for our strength, killing Bloodsucker Princes is not anything new. No matter how many of them come at me, I will kill them all!"

"Great!" Gilmer couldn't help but applaud, his eyes brimming with feverish excitement.

"Thank you. I may have to trouble you and Lord Starry Sword," Darren said, cupping his hands respectfully.

Immediately, they dispersed to prepare. After a few hours, Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng led Darren and the others to a desert in the Blood Cloud Region.


ed their bat-like wings outwards, and their blood vitality also expanded to the extreme.

"No way! How could the humans find out about this?"

"Joris, are you colluding with the human race?" they accused.

"Damn it! You bastard! You've betrayed the Bloodsucker Ancestor? You led us right into the humans' ambush! How could you do this to us?"

The other four Bloodsucker Princes glared accusingly at Joris, roaring indignantly.

Joris didn't say a word. Instead, he stared at the void with his blood red eyes. He just couldn't fathom why human masters of this level would suddenly appear here.


Joris turned to face Carthy, intending to ask him about it, but he was surprised to find that Carthy had already disappeared.

Then, dread filled his heart.

Carthy, his own son, betrayed him? He could not bear this; it was too much.

"Ah!" Joris raised his head and roared emotionally. A stream of blood vitality soared into the sky and rushed into the void like a huge pillar.

"My son, how dare you betray me?!" Words couldn't describe how furious he was.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

In the midst of the sea of blood vitality, the two peerless figures flew over. One was holding a sword while the other was crossing his arms. Together, their combined auras were extremely intimidating.

"Bloodsucker Princes?" Lord Feng addressed them, raising his eyebrows.

"Who are you? Get the hell out of here now!" a Bloodsucker Prince enveloped in blood vitality roared at them viciously.

"You broke into our territory. What makes you think we'll leave you alone after that? How naive." Lord Feng frowned in disdain.

"If you dare attack us, you will be breaking the agreement between our races, and you will be annihilated." A hoarse voice pierced through the sky.

But as soon as he finished speaking, eighteen phantoms in white already besieged the five Bloodsucker Princes.

Lord Starry Sword spared no time talking nonsense with them.

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