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   Chapter 1430 A Fight Between The Two

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In the twinkling of an eye, a month had passed.

Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, an explosion sounded from within the cave. Streaks of terrifying sword intent shot out from the mouth of the cave, splitting the very earth into cracks.

Sensing this violent disturbance, Gilmer went to check out what happened. Was there a powerful warrior who came to attack Connor?

Gilmer was brimming with anxiety. Silently, he wondered who on earth dared leak their secret, thus attracting Connor's enemies. With a sinking feeling in his heart, he hurried to the cave.

However, upon arrival, he was surprised to find that the powerful sword intent had already dissipated, and the cave had fallen quiet.

"Darren, what happened?" Gilmer asked anxiously.

As though coming out of a trance, Darren opened his eyes, traces of sword light flashing within.

"I'm sorry. I might've involuntarily released a sword intent just now," Darren said apologetically.

It was just like he said. Just then, Darren had succeeded in comprehending the fourth move of the supreme sword skill. A resulting streak of sword intent shot out from his meridians, which was what caused the explosion.

"That sword intent was released by you?" Gilmer asked incredulously. The aura of the sword intent just now was so terrifying that he had thought that a great master of swordsmanship had come.

Yet Darren was only at the top level of the Star God Realm. Gilmer couldn't believe his ears. How could such a powerful sword intent have been released by Darren?

Darren nodded acquiescently, without uttering a word.

"Oh my God! Are the Defiant Masters truly this extraordinary? You are only at the Star God Realm!" Gilmer couldn't help but exclaim in astonishment and admiration.

"It's just that the method I am cultivating happens to be quite powerful," Darren explained calmly. Then, he abruptly changed topic. "By the way, sir, has Weber come back?"

"He came back yesterday," Gilmer answered.

"What—?" Darren frowned. He felt that something was wrong. If Weber had come back yesterday, why hadn't he been informed?

"Did Lord Starry Sword refuse our request?" Darren smiled bitterly. That was the only reasonable explanation.

Seeing the disappointment on Darren's face, Gilmer quickly waved his hand and said, "You've got it all wrong, Darren. Both Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng have come with Weber, but..."

Gilmer paused hesitantly.

If both of them had come, then what was the problem?

"Tell me, what's wrong?" Darren asked, his brows furrowing anxiously.

"Both Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng are in the middle of recuperating, so we decided not to inform you yet."

Darren was

r you reach the Superior God Realm. Then, you will have nothing to regret!" Lord Feng promised.

"I can't wait for that day to come." Darren shrugged helplessly.

Seeing how Darren chatted with Lord Feng so casually, as though they were good friends, Gilmer felt like he wanted to hide in a hole.

Since even the dignified Lord Starry Sword and Lord Feng treated Darren like their own friend, Gilmer suddenly felt as though he hadn't shown enough respect for Darren.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat nervously. "Darren, please invite the two great masters to sit down. Let's discuss how to lure the Bloodsucker Princes of the bloodsucker race here, shall we?"

With a nod, Darren turned to the two masters. "Lord Starry Sword, Lord Feng, please be seated." Darren gestured towards the seats in the hall.

"Just let me know if you have made a decision," Lord Starry Sword declined abruptly. After saying that, he immediately entered the Starry Tower.

A disdainful smile appeared at the corners of Lord Feng's mouth. "I just comprehended a little more than he did when we watched the battle scenes left by Supreme God Alfredo. Is it a big matter? He just couldn't stand the thought of being inferior to me!"

It finally dawned on Darren, the reason why the two had fought.

"Wait a moment. Let me talk with Carthy first."

Darren then activated the Power of Belief and sent a message to Carthy.

"Carthy, ask your father to prepare to lure some Bloodsucker Princes out," Darren ordered sternly.

"Master, this task has already been carried out," Carthy replied.

"What?" Darren frowned in confusion. "Send me the details about what happened."

"Yes, master."

It didn't take long before Darren received the detailed process of Carthy's fulfillment of this task.

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