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   Chapter 1359 Shameless Villain

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The earth shook, and the sound of footsteps reverberated from behind the massive stone.

When Darren released his god's sense, he detected that countless skeleton soldiers were on the other side of the enormous stone.

"Sir, what are those skeleton soldiers? Are they an Archean race?" Darren asked.

"No." The Primitive Emperor shook his head before continuing, "There was no such Archean race. I guess some master created them for war. They have been rotting for so long that I don't believe they will have much strength."

"Well, they do seem weaker than cultivators at the low-level of the Celestial God Realm. However, what they lack in terms of strength, they make up for in number." Darren agreed with a nod.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of them," replied the Primitive Emperor. Now that he had returned to his hometown, there was a continuous flow of Archean godly energy for him to control. Thus, it would not be hard for him to deal with all these skeletons.

"Hold on, sir." Surprisingly enough, Da

But, all the skeletons had been annihilated. After all, these skeletons had already decayed, and their strength was not comparable to that of the real Celestial God Realm masters.

The cultivators who survived were severely injured—some had broken arms or legs, and blood gushed from every wound. They looked extremely miserable.

Darren, the Primitive Emperor, and Eallard Liu watched the entire battle from inside the barrier's safety. Later, when Finley and the others woke, they joined them behind the shield.

After everything settled, a young cultivator, who held a blood-stained spear, limped toward the barrier.

"See? We killed all the skeletons even without your help!

Do you still remember what we said before the fight began? If any of us survives, we will consider you to be our enemy for life! You shameless rat! You've brought disgrace to the entire human race!"

he bellowed arrogantly. After all, he had just defeated enemy troops despite being part of a force that was inferior in number.

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