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   Chapter 1358 Unexpected Homecoming

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Darren tried his best to escape. If he ever got buried by these earthworms, he would surely die.

It was a good thing that these earthworms only relied on powerful ability to pop up. That meant they couldn't sustain their speed. They had to keep falling back on the ground every time they shoot up. This made it easier for Darren to run away from them.

Soon, he was able to put a thousand kilometers between him and the earthworms.

He then landed behind a huge stone.

"Who is it?"

As soon as he landed, a dozen god's senses came at him all at once.

"Is someone here?"

In the blink of an eye, he was at the other side of the stone. There he found a dozen young men and women gathered together. They all looked tired. Many had their clothes stained with blood.

"It's a human being!"

They all seemed relieved upon

was nothing else he could say.

"Sir... Does this mean your strength have finally returned to the level of the Archean human race?"

"Unfortunately, no. My body is already too old to recover that easily. Logically speaking, I'm not as strong as you. But since this is the Archean land, I have the advantage. Ten of you wouldn't be able to defeat me here." The Primitive Emperor sounded playful.

Indeed, it was like a fish returning to the water. He was born and raised here in the Archean land. Even if he couldn't recover his real strength, his combat power wasn't something Darren could belittle.

"Congratulations, sir. This is definitely unexpected!" Darren said sincerely.

"Oh no! They're coming again!" Just then, cries of horror pierced through the air. They were all coming from the other side of the huge stone.

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