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   Chapter 1357 The Disadvantages Of The Archean Godly Energy

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This was a land that remained untouched, a legacy left behind from the Archean Age, fraught with the mysteries of the unknown.

Therefore, Darren instinctively felt cautious when he came across the stone balls arranged so neatly around the flat wilderness. Even though they sat peacefully in place, their presence sprouted an unsettling feeling in Darren's heart.


Darren's sword intent flew out, piercing through the air and struck one of the stone balls in its scope.

The ironclad defense of the stone ball deflected Darren's sword intent, causing it to dissipate almost effortlessly, leaving only a white mark on its surface to vouch for the strike.

"Damn. That stone is almost impenetrable!" Weber exclaimed, taken aback by the spectacle.

"Don't read too much into it, Darren. It may be sturdy, but it's just a stone. What harm could it possibly do? Let's keep moving."

Shrugging the looming danger aside, Sally flew out.

"See? It's totally okay! There's nothing to worry about."

Sally continued to exaggerate her conjecture by flying low. She then turned to look at Darren and the others to prove her point, turning her back towards the stones.

"Sally! Watch out!"

Everyone's face paled at the sight of the stone cracking under her. A yellow claw extended from the crack, trying to grab her.

Taking caution from their sudden reaction, Sally propelled herself into the air to avoid the approaching calamity.


Hot on her pursuit, a black figure chased after her.

Carefully, she steadied her movements to launch a strike, all the while maintaining a safe distance from the black figure. Brandishing a purple sword, she flung herself downwards.

The sword shadows she unleashed launched themselves at the black figure, amassing to land a heavy blow.

"Pathetic. Not even worth breaking a sweat!" Sally relaxed, flipping her hair aside tauntingly.


Suddenly, an overwhelming force rushed in her direction. Although the black figure appeared ragged and its body cloaked with uneven wounds, it was still alive! Even in such a feeble state, it managed to subdue Sally.

"Ah!" Screaming bloody murder, Sally writhed helplessly in its clutches. She felt something sharp piercing itself into her throat.


At this moment, a sword intent sprung out from nowhere, decapitating the black figure, putting an end to Sally's suffering.

The source of it was the Beast-subduing Tripod held by Darren.

The black figure then collapsed on the ground, having lost its vitality. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that it was actually a bird with a long sharp mouth. Judging from the fluffy feathers, the bird was only an infant.

Worried, Weber rushed to Sally's side to see if she was okay.

"I was so scared..." Sniveling, Sally tried to hold back her tears, grabbing Weber's arm feebly. Although her cultivation base was not low, she had always been cultivating in the Starry Sword Region and had never experienced a real battle. After her recent near-death encounter, she was left traumatized.

"Don't be scared. I'm here now. Everyt

control it in time, their elixir fields would be torn to shreds.

In a moment of desperation, Darren directly activated the Assimilating Force.

The Assimilating Force made quick work of the ball of yellow sand and wrapped it in its influence, putting a stop to Darren's suffering altogether. However, unlike the pain, the yellow sand did not disappear entirely. It was just blocked from functioning by the Assimilating Force.

As soon as Darren recuperated, he noticed the ground in front of him crack open. Several bumps started to take shape on the now rugged landscape as if something was preparing to come out of it.

Darren felt helpless. His mind was torn between his friends, who were treading on the thin line that stood between life and death, and the approaching calamity about to sprout from the ground.

After a while, the things lingering on the ground finally showed up.

They looked like "earthworms," but they were as thick as thighs, wriggling their long and soft bodies. In just a blink of an eye, the ground was swamped with their population.

Darren activated his black god's power and the dark gold god's power. With the giant worms in his scope, he used his Beast-subduing Tripod to lay waste to them.

The golden light emitted from it quickly spread its influence in many directions and struck a few giant earthworms. As a result, they broke down into smaller components but did not die.

To his surprise, the components separated from the bodies of the earthworms regenerated to form new bodies, only adding to their numbers.

Shocked from the revelation, Darren watched with his mouth agape.

'How do I get rid of them? This is insane!' The more he killed, the more worms would grow. It was an endless process.

'Fuck, run!'

Sizing the odds in his mind, Darren decided to retreat.

Releasing his god's power once more, Darren plucked everyone from the ground and flew into the air, trying to escape the meddlesome worms.

Countless earthworms shot out from below and chased after Darren. Their speed was on par with his.

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