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   Chapter 1356 The Purpose Is To Save People

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The news arrived after a long wait.

But what was the Archean relic?

"I know that you are uninformed about the Archean relic. Don't worry. I'll explain it to you. Now, pay attention as your lives may depend on it."

Everyone quieted down and glanced at the old man.

"The Archean relic, as its name suggests, is the land passed down from the Archean Age. There are varying opinions about how the land was preserved. Most people agree that the Archean relic was formed from a small piece of land that was swept into the time and space turbulent flows during the war. I also agree with this.

You were summoned here because it is time you set foot on this Archean land!"

Hearing this, even the gravest of these geniuses could not help but get excited.

The Archean Age was an era full of talents. At that time, powerful warriors possessed the power to destroy the world. It was also rumored that divine herbs grew everywhere. It was a desirable place to visit for everyone.

These talents didn't expect that they would have the chance to step into Archean land in their lifetime.

"Sir, if the Archean relic has opened, my master and other great masters are strong enough to venture into it. Why do they summon us?"

someone asked. It was a question to which many people wanted the answer.

Considering that several great masters of the human race were present, why did they need the young talents?

Although these geniuses were highly accomplished, their strength was not the best. After all, they had only cultivated for a short period. Even within their sects, they were the youngest disciples and on the lowest level. The other senior disciples hadn't received any message because they had cultivated for a longer time.

Was there a restriction on the cultivating time that dictated who would be invited?

In fact, several people had already realized that this might have something to do with their cultivating time!

Since ancient times, many dangerous places had had age requirements for visitors.

The old man's answer also confirmed this point.

"If you have cultivated for over ten thousand years, you will not be able to step into the Archean land. This is the message that we got from the masters."

Everyone nodded with understanding.

But Darren's confusion only deepened when he thought of the confidential letter from Akbar.

"Sir, are you sure t

other races have not entered the Archean relic. You must be vigilant at all times."

With that, the old man led over a thousand talents through the faint yellow mist.

Before long, colorful light formed a vortex and appeared in front of everyone.

"Before you enter, take this communication device. If any of you dares to kill his companions inside, we will know. The punishment for killing a companion is much crueler than you think. The culprit might even get his sect in trouble over this. Think twice before you act,"

the old man cautioned as he brought a crystal to everyone. It disappeared the moment it touched their skin.

Then, the group of talents stepped into the colorful vortex.

Soon, a barren and lifeless land appeared in front of them.

As Darren and his friends held hands as they entered the relic, they landed together on the land. The rest of the talents were nowhere to be found.

"Darren, who asked you for help? Is it our master?" Sally didn't dare to voice her query until she was certain that no outsider was present.

After all, Lord Starry Sword had sent a secret letter to Darren.

"No, it's one of my friends."

"That's good." Sally patted her chest as relief coursed through her. Beatty glared at her.

"Sally!" Beatty exclaimed.

"Ah, I'm sorry, Darren. I didn't mean that. I hope your friend is fine."

Darren smiled. "It's okay. Your reaction is normal."

"Let's go and save Akbar," prompted Lindsay.

"There is no hurry. Look ahead!"

Everyone followed Darren's gaze and saw many stone balls on the ground in front of them.

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