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   Chapter 1355 The Relic

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They continued to wait right at the given location. After two weeks, there was still no news.

The geniuses who had come to the place were no longer as anxious as they used to be. Because there were many unfamiliar faces around, there were a lot of opportunities to make new friends. It didn't take too long for most of them to get acquainted with one another.

However, Darren and his companions didn't make any efforts to befriend any of the other talents. Only a few groups of people went up to them to greet them.

They immediately lost interest once they found out that Darren was only at the Star God Realm. Out of courtesy, they would say a few nice words before leaving in a hurry.

"Darren, I think those people seem to be looking down on you, huh?" said Sally with a chuckle.

"Don't talk nonsense. Maybe it's just a greeting or something. They're not necessarily looking down on him," said Beatty in a stern tone, as if she was lecturing Sally.

"I'm not making this stuff up! Look at that guy just now. When he saw Darren's cultivation stage, he turned around and left without any hesitation. He went and talked with someone else in a more cheerful tone," said Sally, pointing at a young man who had just come to speak with Darren.

Hearing that, Darren simply smiled.

He didn't need to rely on anyone on his path of cultivation. It didn't matter at all to him if anyone looked down upon him. These people were not worth making friends with in the first place.

Based on his experience in the past few days, he could see that these two girls were actually nice, since they didn't show any aversion after they found out that Darren was at the Star God Realm.

"Ladies, you don't seem to know just how powerful Darren actually is!" Weber puffed out his chest in an attempt to make the two girls notice him, but they couldn't care less, and continued ignoring him.

Fortunately, Weber was very thick-skinned and kept finding topics to try and reel in the two girls.

"How powerful?" Sally asked Weber out of curiosity, which made him feel very fulfilled.

Weber's eyes sparkled with awe as he told the story of how Darren killed the fierce beast at the Celestial God Realm. Naturally, he made himself look good as well.

From the way he told the story, he was extremely brave, and risked his own life to create many openings for Darren to kill the fierce beast. After losing out for a while, Darren finally seized a chance and killed the fierce beast.

"Weber, you shameless punk. I recall you were scared to tears once you got a look at the beast at the Celestial God Realm. In the end, you were even beaten bloody a

him weighed down on his ego. He felt his face turn hot with embarrassment.

"Just you wait and see, you two! Any ordinary woman ruins her life when she marries the wrong man. Female cultivators such as yourselves should know that if you follow the wrong men, you'll end up dead!" After saying these words, Donnie Xu turned around with a huff and left.

"Darren, as long as you allow it, I'll kill that bastard right away!" offered Weber, jumping up in anger.

"Come on, Weber! Nobody can match up to him among the cultivators at the low-level of the Celestial God Realm. Besides, he is now a disciple of the leader of the Blood Cloud Region. We can just ignore him," said Sally.

Donnie Xu was the last disciple of the leader of the Blood Cloud Region, and thus the leader was quite attached to him.

When Weber heard that Donnie Xu was at the low-level of the Celestial God Realm, he began to regret offering to fight him. But of course he would rather die than admit it. Pretending to be unfazed, he announced, "If it weren't for the sake of the Ancestral Land's pride and my master's safety, I would fight with him no matter what. I won't let him go the next time I see him. Humph!"

Both Sally and Beatty burst into a hearty laughter. They suddenly felt that Weber was actually quite interesting, or at least not as annoying as Donnie Xu.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have an update."

At the moment, the old man from the Ancestral Land who had been gone for a long time reappeared with news.

The noise of the crowd quickly hushed down. He finally appeared again after two weeks. This time he should have big news with him, right?

"The Archean relic has been opened. Please prepare yourselves," the old man said in a very serious tone.

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