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   Chapter 1140 Victory (Part Two)

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Moreover, just now, a completely different ten-tribulation force dispersed in his body, which was stronger than his own ten-tribulation force.

The old man didn't understand what Xavier said. He flew towards Darren with fear.

The old man, who seemed to recognize Darren, whined like a child, "I'm scared. He slapped me!"

"Old man, don't worry. You are more powerful than him. Don't be afraid of that guy," Darren comforted the old man when he noticed his admirable strength.

"Go to hell! You're pretending to be insane!"

After failing to launch an attack, Xavier rushed towards the old man again. The unexpected appearance of a strong warrior posed a threat to him. Thus, he had to kill his enemy as soon as possible.

"Don't be afraid. You can do it! Just fight him." Darren had no choice but to retreat after he cheered on the old man.

The old man seemed to believe Darren's encouraging words. Although he was terrified to death, he didn't show the slightest hesitation on his face.

Immediately, Xavier blasted a dark gold internal force to attack the old man. The old man's timid eyes suddenly lit up. He pushed his withered hand forward, and blocked the dark gold internal force.


The old man's palm met the force, and they stood face-to-face in an intense dead silence.

"Infinite Primitive Force!"

Xavier shouted at the top of his lungs.

His dark gold internal force touched the old man's palm. Unexpectedly, a beam of dark yellow light suddenly ascended to the heaven, and completely withstood his dark gold internal force.

Xavier knew the dark yellow light better than anyone else. It was the Infinite Primitive Force, whose grade was even higher than his Primitive Force.

"Damn it!"

Xavier cursed in exasperation. He was not confident if he could break through the Infinite Primitive Force.

However, at that

extremely petrifying scene.

"Come on. Let's fight!"

With a tumultuous roar, Xavier gathered all his power and improved his Primitive Force's defense to its maximum potential.


The dragon body of Scott was several hundred kilometers long. It looked like a never-ending mountain range.

He stretched out his dragon claw and smacked Xavier!

At that moment, Xavier was hit violently as if the whole universe fell on him.


The dark gold light soared into the sky, and the whole space turned into a dark gold ocean. Consequently, Xavier charged his strength to its extreme!

Soon, the result of the battle was about to be revealed.

Over the past few days, all the living creatures, in every corner of the Lothlann Continent, looked up at the sky.

They all knew that the legendary catastrophe had come. When the powerful destroyers arrived, they were hopeless and in despair.

After many days, countless of legendary figures appeared to protect the continent, but soon they died one by one. At that moment, they were no longer frightened. Everyone prayed silently and hoped that the real savior would show up. After all, it was the only thing they could do.


The void was completely shattered.

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