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   Chapter 1137 Darren Versus Hiram (Part One)

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Upon hearing the cold voice, the four destroyers looked in the distance.

The immortal was the most excited person among them.

She could feel his aura from the rich and deep voice.

"Darren! It's Darren!"

The voice of Elsa, who was close to tears, echoed in the immortal's mind.

"You promised me that I can control my body before getting the World Essence."

After Elsa had communicated with the immortal, she promised that the immortal could control her body before getting the World Essence. After getting it and when Darren came back, they would decide again who would control the body.

However, when Elsa sensed Darren's aura, she could no longer contain herself.

Previously, when Barnes was attacked, she tried to control the immortal's body and help him, but to no avail.

But now, Elsa's soul forcibly occupied the immortal's body and took control of it when she knew that the immortal also missed Darren.


Elsa ignored the immortal and hurriedly flew away.

After flying for a while, she saw a familiar figure in purple clothes. Elsa immediately burst into tears at the sight of the figure.

At that moment, even the immortal's soul was full of joy and bitterness. She disliked this kind of feeling, but she couldn't resist it.


All of a sudden, a faint god level sword intent flew towards Elsa.

"It's you."

At first, Darren didn't recognize Elsa because he thought that she was the immortal.

"Darren. It's me, Elsa,"

Elsa cried as she moved aside to dodge the sword intent.

Upon hearing her gentle voice, Darren felt suffocated.

"Elsa..." Darren murmured while his eyes filled with tears. "Is that you? Is that really you?"

Elsa couldn't help herself anymore, so she threw herself into Darren's arms.

"It's really you." Darren instantly sensed Elsa's aura. He raised his head and burst into tears. After a while, he lowered his head and deeply kissed the immortal's forehead. "Elsa..."

He stared at her as he gently touched her long hair.

"Darren, we need to hurry and save Barnes. He is in grave danger." Even though Elsa was overwhelmed with emotions, she did not forget Barnes who brought her back to life.

Darren restrained his joy, held Elsa, and

ashed into smithereens and turned into a place of death.

Darren's sword intent penetrated Hiram's god's power and pierced his chest.

At that moment, Hiram still had no intention of retreat. All of a sudden, a crystal halberd flew out from his abdomen. It was his God Character!


Hiram roared at the top of his lungs. His God Character exploded and then turned into infinite god's power. Even if his heart was perforated, he could not die. Instead, he became stronger.

"Darren, he didn't kill the witcher ancestor. The witcher ancestor died because he ran out of Witcher Power when he suppressed the man who looked exactly like you," Elsa said telepathically.

"What happened?" Darren stopped and asked, "Are you talking about the Rule Soul Avatar?"

When Elsa mentioned the man who looked exactly like him, Darren immediately thought of the Rule Soul Avatar.

"No, it's not the avatar. It's the mysterious man who is surrounded by the yellow light," Elsa replied.


Darren wondered why the mysterious man looked exactly like him.

However, at that critical moment, he didn't have time to think about it. What mattered was the truth: Hiram the Great did not kill the witcher ancestor.

After Hiram's strength soared, he once again attacked Darren.

Darren unleashed the god level sword intent only to defend himself, but not to counterattack. He didn't think that the man he had respected for his whole life should be killed, especially by him.

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