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   Chapter 1132 Sword God Character

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Darren finally felt that some of the creatures believed in him. This allowed hope to blossom in his heart.

However, to pass this test, he needed to earn the belief of all creatures in this mountain.

When Darren contemplated how he could finish the task, he remembered that the Space Spirit had said that he could use any means.

The quickest way would, perhaps, be to kill all the creatures that did not believe in him, leaving only the bees who had faith in him. That way, he would pass the test!

This thought convinced Darren easily.

'I have to finish this test. Many things are happening on the Lothlann Continent now, and I have to return, ' he thought.

As there was no quicker way to earn every creature's belief, and Darren was anxious about the precarious situation on the Lothlann Continent, he decided to take this course.


Darren dashed forward, and all the black ants in his path turned to ash.

There were several kinds of creatures on this mountain, not just the black ants. So, Darren's actions killed many other bugs as well.

During this process, several bugs saw how powerful Darren was, and they came to fear and admire him. As they were counted as his believers, Darren would not kill them.

Half a month passed.

By now, Darren had gained the belief of hundreds of millions of creatures, and he could sense each believer.

"I still have three more bugs to kill. Once I finish, I can get through this." Darren stopped.

At this time, he noticed that endless streams of gray Power of Belief had been pouring into his body.

At first, he was puzzled about where the Power of Belief had gone after entering his body. Gradually he sensed that it had settled in his elixir field.

"What? My sword core..."

On inspection, he found that his sword core had changed dramatically. It had now turned into a small sword with edges and golden light.

"What's going on?

I should ask the Space Spirit after passing the test."

Darren didn't overthink the change. Instead, he focused on locating the three bugs that didn't believe in him.

Soon, he found and killed them as well.


Everything around Darren began to disperse. In a flash, he found himself surrounded by darkness.

This indicated that Darren had passed the test.

"Very good. You did a great job," the Space Spirit praised.

"Space Spirit, will you help me if I want to retain my strength at the peak of Super Emperor Re

ell you everything you want to know," the Space Spirit instructed.


Darren was shocked. This hadn't been part of his plan. He needed to return to Lothlann Continent.

But he was being sent to the Primitive Wilderness! This was not Darren's intention!

His purpose in undergoing these tests was to strengthen his abilities. That was the only way for him to have the power to protect the Lothlann Continent. He did not want to go to the Primitive Wilderness!

"What's wrong?"

The Space Spirit could feel Darren's astonishment and hesitance.

"Sir, the continent I belong to is experiencing a catastrophe. I have to return."

"What?" Surprise laced the Space Spirit's tone when he sensed the emotional turmoil in Darren.

"Young man, are you a Reincarnation Master?" the Space Spirit asked.

"You know about the Reincarnation Master as well? As far as I am aware, I should be a Reincarnation Master. Therefore, I need to protect my continent," Darren rationalized.

Hearing this, the Space Spirit suddenly fell silent.

"No wonder. What a pity!" the Space Spirit sighed.

"What's wrong?" Darren asked as confusion coursed through him.

"Nothing. It seems you don't belong to our Chu Clan. Good luck. Because you have great talent, I will help you with one thing. I promise that you won't be taken to the Primitive Wilderness until three months later, so that you can have time to do what you want for your continent. You can leave now."

The Space Spirit's words did not give Darren any clarity. On the contrary, it baffled him more.

However, before he could ask anything, he was teleported away.

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