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   Chapter 1130 A Deadlock

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The witcher ancestor stood above the palace. He did not know what to feel.

A moment later, a cyan light shot straight out of the palace and landed in front of the witcher ancestor.

"Long time no see." Hiram's voice was calm and cold.

The witcher ancestor's withered face seemed to twitch. The two stared at each other until the witcher ancestor broke the silence. "Why did you pretend to be dead?"

Hiram raised his head and looked up at the sky. His eyes shone strangely.

"I respect the friendship that we had, so I am telling you to get out of the Lothlann Continent,"

Hiram said, his voice full of emotion.

It would be easy for the witcher ancestor to leave the Lothlann Continent and survive elsewhere.

"Tell me the reason." The witcher ancestor found Hiram's behavior to be so strange.

"You don't need to know. I have to get the World Essence and go to the Primitive Wilderness. It is my destiny," Hiram said.

"You've changed, Hiram. It's either that, or I never really knew you at all." The witcher ancestor turned around. After all, there was no more point in pushing him. Hiram had already made up his mind.

The witcher ancestor fell beside Finley and Barnes and stood there quietly.

In the void, Hiram was clad in strong, cyan armor. He was a peerless warrior. The halberd in his hand had a destructive power. As soon as he appeared, all the other destroyers seemed weak and inferior.

The mysterious man's attention was focused on Hiram.

"It's you." The mysterious man seemed to know Hiram.

"How do you know me?" Hiram asked coldly.

"Humph, I know everything about the war that happened a million years ago. I didn't expect you to be here.

I'm curious about how you could stay on the Lothlann Continent since you have already reached the God Realm," the mysterious man said.

"Your strength is comparable to a warrior in the God Realm as well. You can also stay on this continent. That's why," said Hiram.

"You're wrong. I'm a ten-tribulation holy warrior. The mortal world will not expel me. But, you. You are different. You have a true God Character, which is not allowed by the rules of the mortal world."

"So what? I'm here now. It's really not any of your business,"

he once again rushed towards the ancient holy warriors.

Hiram's only chance now was to kill all of the ancient holy warriors. If he succeeded, the mysterious man wouldn't be able to exert all his power.


A hundred thousand bolts of lightning suddenly descended on Hiram's halberd.


The halberd morphed into millions of shadows and rushed towards the remaining ancient holy warriors.

Although the remaining warriors were protected by the power of the mysterious man, this was Hiram's strongest attack. It was impossible for the mysterious man's defenses to completely resist its power.

The sound of breaking glass rang out. The protective shield cracked before shattering completely. Within seconds, it was gone.

Hiram's god's power swept across the space, turning countless ancient holy warriors into mist. Blood rained throughout the space.


Just then, three figures rushed to the ancient holy warriors.

They were the immortal, the Shura, and the first fiend ancestor.

The three released their strong power to resist the attack. Then, they each nabbed two ancient holy warriors before they quickly fled.

"What are they doing?" Finley asked.

"You don't understand? You brat!" Barnes knew in an instant.

Finley thought about it for a while and finally understood.

They wanted to use them as bargaining chips to the mysterious man. He was the most powerful of them all. It made sense that everyone would try to win his favor.

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