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   Chapter 1124 The Second Test (Part Three)

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The short fiend god had died. Darren assimilated his talent.

Darren knew from the very beginning that the short fiend god was not a threat to his life.

'The Super Emperor Realm. I have to reach the Super Emperor Realm in order to defeat the destroyers, ' Darren thought to himself. He felt the strength of a super emperor running through his veins.

If Darren could get out of here successfully, he could only possess the strength of Emperor Realm. It would be far from enough to defeat the destroyers.

Darren deeply desired to keep the strength of a super emperor.

'I will pass the third test first and then, I will ask the Space Spirit. Maybe he can help me.'

Darren cleared his mind and began searching for the last two fiend gods.

The two fiend gods appeared while Darren was looking around him.

Their auras emanated the same strength as the short fiend god's did. They flew in the air. They had huge, black, bone-like wings on their backs, similar to the appearance of bat wings.

They landed in front of Darren.

"Human, we can choose not to fight."

The two of them had just witnessed the death of the short fiend god. They knew that this human had the power to kill them, too.

"Why not?" Darren asked coldly.

"We run the risk of losing to one another. It would be better for us not to fight."

"How am I supposed to get out without killing you?" Darren huffed.

"Why do you have to get out? Stay here. We can pass on to you our blood and make you stronger." The two fiend gods had witnessed Darren turning into a fiend and knew that he could inherit the blood of the fiend race. This was why they wanted to negotiate with him and avoid going up against him.

Darren sneered. "You don't understand. Strength is not the only thing I am after. I have a greater purpose. I have to protect my world. That is why I am doing this. Your offer does not interest me one bit!"

"Kill!" Darren said no more and attacked.

"Stupid human, you are doomed to die!"

The bone wings of the two fiend gods spread out, casting shadows on the ground. Dark red stripes flashed on their bodies. This was a sign that they were about to use thei

nto dust.


They were shocked. The dark gold internal force was much stronger than what they had encountered before.


A purple figure appeared behind them from out of nowhere.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sword and the blade charged towards them both. Their heads rolled on the ground.


the two fiend gods roared at the same time. They regretted underestimating Darren's power.


The intangible blade and sword intents swept over, and the heads of the two fiend gods exploded. Darren immediately assimilated their talent.


Darren landed on the ground and let out a sigh of relief.

He was able to win this challenge because of his sudden enlightenment and the opponents' carelessness. He took a moment to compose himself.

"Congratulations, Darren. You have passed the test of the second mountain."

The voice of the Space Spirit rang in Darren's ears. A space door materialized in front of him, leading him to the third mountain.

"What will I get for passing the test of this mountain?" Darren asked.

He knew that it would be more difficult for him to pass the test of the third mountain. With a reward, he might have a better chance of prevailing.

"There's no reward."

"What?" Darren asked, frowning slightly.

"The reward will not be necessary for you to pass the test in the third mountain," the Space Spirit explained.

Darren furrowed his eyebrows, confused.

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