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   Chapter 1122 The Second Test (Part One)

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When Darren finished absorbing the four divine crystals, he naturally reached the Super Emperor Realm. With the increase in his realm, his other skills also reached their upper limits.

"I'd like to see what kind of fiend god I'll be facing!" Darren murmured, revealing a newfound sense of confidence in his strength.

There was a world of difference between the Emperor Realm and the Super Emperor Realm. Darren felt like he was a god the moment he stepped into the Super Emperor Realm! He was on top of the world; in his mind, nobody in the world could beat him.

Darren stepped forward and entered the space door of the second mountain.

"What? Is this hell?"

Darren immediately felt what seemed like the flames of hell from the moment he stepped in. It was very similar to the Flaming Hell he'd seen in the ancient times.

There was one big difference, though. He wasn't swept by a fierce and raging storm this time.

"I heard that there are four fiend gods. Why don't you show yourselves?" Darren shouted as gently as he could, but his voice came out as loud and thunderous. The space shook as if there was a big earthquake.

Suddenly, the clattering of chains

came through.

Darren looked into the distance and saw a black shadow shift in the dark. It was ten thousand feet high and looked like a fierce beast from the ancient times.

The figure seemed to be on a slow pace, but in the blink of an eye, he was right in front of Darren.

In front of this colossal creature, Darren looked as small as an ant.


He gazed down at Darren with bloodshot eyes. It was easy for him to see through Darren's cultivation base.

The fiend god obviously looked down on Darren's strength.

With a slight grimace of disappointment, the fiend god turned around, ready to leave.

"How dare you!" Darren sneered.


The fiend god slammed his foot on the ground as his huge body came to a stop.

"You feeble insect. How dare you look down on me?" the fiend god bellowed.

"Oh, you think I'm looking down on you? That's a reach. You're nothing but a soon-to-be corpse to me."

Darren reached out to attack as soon as he finished his words.


Before the fiend god could retaliate, numerous cracks appeared on his thick armor, and blood spurted out from everywhere.

"The i

tered Darren's mind, and it was compressed into a talent crystal.

"Wow, it's incredible!" Darren condensed the talent into a black talent crystal the size of a millstone. It was quite a harvest.

After slaying this fiend god, Darren continued to search for the remaining three.

However, according to the first fiend god, the other three fiend gods should be even stronger. A cold sweat came over Darren as he thought about this, but he quickly shook off any feelings of nervousness.

Outside the Desolate Burning Mountain, the Space Spirit had been carefully observing the battle from beginning to end.

When he saw Darren's strength, he thought even more highly of him.

"This talent from the mortal worlds is in the top 100 among all the talents who came to this test. If he cultivates long enough, he might even be the best one among them all!" the Space Spirit murmured in amazement.

"Well, you still have to pass the test of the third mountain. The Chu Clan must keep a genius like you," he continued to whisper to himself.

In the Space Spirit's mind, it would be no problem for Darren to pass the second test with his current strength. However, the bigger problem still stood—the third test. Even the most renowned genius disciples of the Chu Clan didn't dare go into the third mountain.

"His surname is Chu. I wonder if he's related to our Chu Clan." The question had crossed the Space Spirit's mind before, but only now did he actually give it any thought. How could a Chu Clan disciple even exist in the mortal worlds?

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