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   Chapter 1121 Elsa's Rebirth

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The immortal was shocked with Barnes' words.

This dark creature, who valued his life most, was willing to give his life without question for a human. Unbelievable!


Suddenly, the Immortal Character fell into the immortal's head. The space was immediately filled with majestic soul aura.

Streaks of holy, immortal light shot up into the sky.


When the immortal's soul returned, something in her heart seemed to have broken. However, she did not feel annoyed.


Memories poured into her mind like a tidal wave hitting a great rock!

Hundreds of memories flashed through her mind—each one starring the same person. It was Darren!

His voice, his smile, his face... Every bit of him was intoxicating. Memories of him continued to flood the immortal's mind.


the immortal roared, looking a little sad.

"How could you?!"

The immortal trembled because she felt her soul stir with the memories of Darren. These were all Elsa's memories!

When her Immortal Character returned, Elsa's soul had awoken inside her.

It wasn't Elsa's doing. The immortal needed a bit of her soul in the Immortal Character to compensate for what she had lost.

Her Immortal Character triggered Elsa's soul that was hidden in the immortal's mind. Unknowingly, the Immortal Character had also released her memories.

The process didn't assimilate Elsa's soul. Instead, it completely fused Elsa's soul with the immortal's soul.

The immortal was furious. This meant that in the future, her body and power could be under the control of another soul.

She would no longer have full autonomy over herself!

The immortal was powerless to stop this. The change was done by her Immortal Character and she could not reverse it.

The soul fusion was completed in no time. Strange memories had entered into the immortal's

rpassed every other single rule.

Realizing this, the immortal suddenly became silent. She was lost in her memories. She contemplated on the past.

When she was immersed in the memories, she could not shake herself of them. They invaded both her heart and her mind. She had feelings and emotions now.

"Oh, what a surprise! You've come back to life! When Darren finds out about this, he will be very happy." Barnes was filled with joy.

"Yeah, it's been a long time. How is he now?" Elsa murmured. Tears filled her eyes.

The immortal looked even more beautiful when her face showed emotion.

"Let's get out of here first. I'll let Finley tell you when he comes back."

"Alright." Elsa nodded. She had been waiting for this day for so long.

Barnes and Elsa flew all the way out of the Badlands.

In the Godly City, Darren, who was cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes. He felt a very strange emotion welling in his heart.

'What a strange feeling! Why do I suddenly feel sad and happy at the same time?' Darren couldn't understand his emotions.

"Never mind. It's time to go to the second mountain," Daren said aloud.

Darren's strength had increased enough. It was time for him to go up the second mountain.

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