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   Chapter 1119 The Ninth Tribulation

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When Barnes thought of Darren, the gloating feeling in his heart vanished.

Elsa was the love of Darren's life. If the immortal died, she would die as well. If such a thing happened, Darren would be driven to insanity with grief.

As Darren's friend, Barnes wouldn't wish to see him in that kind of state.

"Damn it! Should I help her?" He gritted his teeth in frustration as his mind went into a frenzy.

After thinking for a while, Barnes finally decided to take action.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks. He realized that the immortal was more powerful than him by now. Even she couldn't resist the power of the thunder punishment. How was he supposed to help her?

"Unless I'm a nine-tribulation holy warrior," Barnes whispered to himself.

There had never been such a warrior in history. Once he reached this level, he could surpass even a super emperor!

"Nine-tribulation holy warrior. Alas!" Barnes sighed.

"Wait, what? The ninth tribulation!" Just as he was about to lose all hope, a thought suddenly came to him.

"Why don't I try to go through the ninth tribulation, then?"

It was definitely a dangerous feat, but this made Barnes excited all the more.

He supposed if he forced himself to start the ninth tribulation, and used his own thunder to resist the immortal's thunder, then it would make the best of both worlds!

Barnes couldn't help but tremble with excitement at the mere thought.

Who on this continent had ever seen an immortal going through thunder tribulation? This was a fine opportunity!

Barnes finally made up his mind. In the distance, the immortal faced the second bolt of thunder, but her Immortal Character was still slowly rising.

A crack of electricity sounded throughout the space

as snow-white lightning struck the immortal.

The aura of the thunder was terribly destructive. Fortunately, its target was the immortal. Otherwise, the entire Badlands would have collapsed from the impact.

The immortal looked somberly up at the sky, and the lightning lit her up. At this moment, she looked helpless and a little lonely.


The law force on the immortal's body erupted to resist the thunder punishment.

Unfortunately, without the Immortal Character, she was too weak and her body was easily penetrated by the thunder.

An unexpected gust of wind passed as a figure buzzed through the air


If the time differed by even a tenth of a second, the two thunders would not collide into each other.

At this time, the third thunder for the immortal had already begun to descend.

This bolt of thunder looked surprisingly normal, and no signs of destruction could be sensed.

"Soul Tribulation Thunder!"

The immortal's eyes shot up and she felt calmer at the sight of the less-threatening thunder.

The Soul Tribulation Thunder was meant to attack the soul, but now most of her soul was already contained in the Immortal Character. Even if the remnants of her soul in her body was destroyed, she would not die.

A mighty crack of lightning suddenly fell.

The thunder pierced through the immortal and pierced right through her mind.

This time, the immortal put up no resistance and let it break the remnants of her soul.

The pain was severe, but still within the immortal's threshold.

"After five minutes, my fourth thunder will descend," the immortal croaked after some quick calculation.

What she meant was quite obvious. She was reminding Barnes that his thunder needed to descend in sync with her thunder.

Barnes nodded as he immediately got the message.


Barnes turned into an ape, one hundred feet high, in a flash.

He looked ferociously at the red tribulation cloud. He beat his chest over and over in order to use his rage to activate the thunder.


A red lightning flashed in the cloud.


Suddenly, a sword-shaped scarlet thunder descended swiftly from the cloud and aimed straight at Barnes' head.

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