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   Chapter 1114 Talent Upgraded Again

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Dozens of Darren's replicas silently stood in front of him. There was no emotion in their eyes.

'I gave the impression that I was strong, '

Darren thought as he smiled bitterly. Now that he was facing so many replicas that mirrored his strength, he could feel his heart thudding in his chest.

'I need to improve my cultivation base as soon as possible. Otherwise, I won't stand a chance.'

At that thought, Darren frantically absorbed the last divine crystal. He didn't know when his replicas would attack him, but he needed to be ready.

'No wonder the Space Spirit gave me the two divine crystals. He knew that I would need both to pass this test.'

When he received the two divine crystals, Darren had used one and tried to return the second. But, the Space Spirit asked him to take it back. The Space Spirit knew that no one could absorb two divine crystals in a month. Darren had wondered why he had given him two. Now, Darren understood the reason.

When he thought of how he had tried to return the remaining divine crystal, he felt ridiculous. If he hadn't received the divine crystal, it would have been impossible for him to improve his cultivation base now. After all, there was no spiritual energy in the first mountain.

The pure spiritual energy in the divine crystal poured into Darren's body.

He was now at the top level of the Emperor Realm. If he absorbed this divine crystal, he might reach the Super Emperor Realm.

But, it had taken him a month to absorb the last divine crystal. The replicas surrounding him would not give him so much time to cultivate. Darren worried that he would be killed during his cultivation.

'Wait. I have Spiritual Domain Degree talent, but it has not reached the peak.' His brows furrowed as this thought flashed through his mind.

The Space Spirit assumed that Darren's Spiritual Domain Degree talent was at the top level. But, he didn't know about Darren's Assimilation Skill. So he took Darren's speed of assimilating the divine crystals into account when he made the assumption.

Now, Darren's talent could be upgraded as he had many talent crystals.

'Let me try to refine it first, '

Darren's spiritual sense came to the mysterious space and tried to refine a talent crystal.

'Wow, I did it!'

A long time ago, when Darren had the Genuine Domain Degree talent,

sible for Darren, who was at a little higher level, to fight against all the blade and sword intents released by dozens of his clones. There were simply too many!

As expected, Darren's blade and sword intents soon collapsed under their combined attack. With no other alternative, he summoned his Shura Force.

Just as the Shura Force fended off the blade and sword intents, dark gold internal force shot toward Darren.

"Damn it!"

Darren's heart sank. After he became a holy emperor, the dark gold internal force was his most powerful attack. When dozens of his replicas attacked him with their dark gold internal force, how could he withstand it with just his Shura Force?

Even if he used his dark gold internal force, he could not prevail against theirs.

So, Darren immediately activated the Augmented Attack Rule and attached it to the dark gold internal force.

Now, Darren's sword and blade emitted the dark gold internal force. Instead of using it to protect himself, he condensed it into a dark gold divine sword.

Since it was insufficient to simply defend against the replicas' attacks, he decided to try something more aggressive. After all, only by killing several clones would he have the chance to survive.


The Augmented Attack Rule was attached to the dark gold sword, and Darren's dark gold internal force proved to be stronger than his replicas'. The dark gold sword penetrated through the replicas' attack and pierced one of the clones' head.

'What? He is alive?'

Darren found that the replica was still alive!

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