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   Chapter 1113 How To Pass The River

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The godly fire from outer space that Darren summoned began to scorch the green land.

All sorts of flames danced and swept with a sense of destruction.

Countless bees and butterflies rushed around in the sea of fire, terrified.

"It worked." Darren was a little relieved.

The godly fire from outer space he summoned was unable to directly burn these powerful bugs, but it could cause them endless pain and torment, giving Darren the perfect opportunity to kill them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Streams of dark gold internal force surged out and transformed into sharp needles, each piercing through a single bug.

With every precise stab of the needles, a satisfying crack sounded out.

The bugs of the Emperor Realm were severely weakened after being grilled by the godly fire from outer space. The dark gold internal force easily killed them one by one.

Suddenly, the whole world was silent. The buzzing noises of the insects were completely gone.

Darren relaxed and let the summoned fire dissipate on their own.

The lush green land had now been burnt to ashes.


Darren paused for a moment and remembered that the powerful bugs might have had great talent in cultivation.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, he made sure to assimilate their talent before it dispersed.

A clatter rang out through his mind.

He could feel many streams of strong talent flowing into his head.

"Woah!" Darren gasped in astonishment. The talent of these bugs was comparable to that of the human cultivators with Genuine Domain Degree talent. It was incredible!

A few moments later, the mysterious space in Darren's mind was filled to the brim with talent liquid.

"Wait, there's still a lot of talent in the air. I have to absorb as much as possible."

At the thought of it, Darren's spiritual sense entered the mysterious space, and began to compress the talent liquid to save space.

After being compressed by Darren's Emperor Realm spiritual sense, the liquid became solid and the space it took up decreased by ninety percent!

"The gap in the talent liquid is greater than I thought."

Generally speaking, when liquid solidified, the change in size would be minor, but the talent liquid seemed to be differ

mely stern but vicious.

Darren gave a bitter chuckle as he faced these young men. He was staring straight into duplicates of his own face.

Darren sensed that the auras of the young men in purple were all his auras: the aura of blade and sword, the aura of Shura, the aura of dragon, to name a few. All the auras were his own.

It was likely that their strength also matched that of his own.

He still remembered that he once had a battle with himself when he entered the Starry Tower. Last time, the mirror in the Starry Tower created a perfect copy of Darren.

Suddenly, Darren realized that he was copied by the river when he flew nearer and was reflected in the river!

Darren's confidence took a blow as he faced a dozen versions of himself.

After all, how could he win when he was facing himself? To make matters worse, Darren was vastly outnumbered!

"No wonder most of the people at the Emperor Realm had died in this river. If anyone could defeat dozens of opponents at their own level, their strength improvement in such a short span of time had to be at an amazing level," Darren murmured.

Why did Darren think so?

The moment those copies of Darren showed up, he suddenly had an idea.

These duplicated figures wouldn't improve their levels; their strength was fixed. If Darren wanted to get through this test, he must improve his cultivation base as fast as possible. Once he reached the next level, he would be strong enough to have a chance against the replicas.

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