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   Chapter 1111 The Space Spirit's Astonishment

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The soul of the witcher ancestor could feel the killing intent.

"It seems that you really suppressed Scott."

Hearing this, Scott, who had dragon patterns on his left cheek suddenly restrained his killing intent.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked, scowling.

The witcher ancestor suddenly realized it wasn't as bad as he thought.

"I'm Brayden. People call me the witcher ancestor."

"Witcher ancestor!" Scott was astonished. "Are you really the witcher ancestor?"

The witcher ancestor felt relieved at the man's sudden change of expression.

"I'm telling you the truth. Only Darren and Finley know that I'm still alive. Nobody else is aware of this," said the witcher ancestor.

The patterns on Scott's face faded away when he heard this. He bowed to the witcher ancestor's soul respectfully. "Sir, nice to meet you," he said.

The last time the first fiend ancestor was suppressed, it was largely due to the witcher ancestor's power. If Hiram had fought alone, he wouldn't have been able to save the human race.

The witcher ancestor was a legend. Scott admired him greatly.

Scott's attitude indicated that he was the one who took over the cyan dragon's body. The dragon did not enslave him.

The witcher ancestor smiled a wry smile and hurriedly held him up. "It seems that you have successfully taken control of the cyan dragon. I think we've got a pretty good shot of making it through this."

"To tell you the truth, I can't take full control of the cyan dragon. There are too many rules and laws in the cyan dragon. My soul can't bear all of them. I have to comprehend them one by one," Scott said, his tone serious.

"Really?" The witcher ancestor thought for a while. "That is, indeed, a problem. But even if you can't control it completely, you can use the cyan dragon's body. Your power should be equivalent to the peak of the Super Emperor Realm, right?"

Scott gave a small nod. "Well, if I control the cyan dragon, I do have the strength of the Super Emperor Realm, but it won't last long. I'll have two hours at most. I also can't leave the Fire Cave now because the cyan dragon has very strong restrictions on its body."

"It doesn't matter. I'll help you break the restrictions," said the witcher ancestor.

"No, sir. They are extremely powerful. If they are broken using force, the dragon body will be destroyed. I can only get out once my soul has completely integrated with the dragon body and I have been able to take full control of it,"

one hungrily.

"He is such a talent! I must help him. I hope he can pass the tests and become a disciple of our Chu Clan."

The old tree was, of course, formed by the Space Spirit.

There were actually many talented people with Spiritual Domain Degree talent in the Primitive Wilderness.

But for some unknown reason, it seemed that the Space Spirit valued Darren so much. Why? He even broke the rules and increased the speed at which Darren absorbed the divine crystals!

To possess Spiritual Domain Degree talent in the mortal worlds and to possess it in the Primitive Wilderness were two completely different things.

To put it shortly, in the Primitive Wilderness, all the top forces were secretly recruiting talents from the mortal worlds. This was because the talents from the mortal worlds generally had greater potential than the talents in the Primitive Wilderness.

The talents in the mortal worlds had gone through countless hardships that had made them stronger. Some were even able to survive the thunder punishment of Conflicting Cultivation. Those talents were truly unmatched!

Therefore, once talents in the mortal worlds were promoted to the Primitive Wilderness, the forces would protect them and fight for them. As long as the talents were under the guidance of the forces, they would grow rapidly. Some of them would even become overlords!

That was why the Space Spirit valued Darren so much. He was the most talented among all the cultivators in the mortal worlds! Of course, the Space Spirit's understanding was still very limited. There were many things about the mortal worlds that he and the Chu Clan still had to learn.

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