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   Chapter 1110 Scott's Situation

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Darren had a feeling that the level of the divine crystals that the Space Spirit spoke of surpassed that of any other spiritual energy. It would require good absorption speed and proper usage. As Darren possessed the assimilating power, he was brimming with confidence.

"Space Spirit, I have another question."

"What is it?"

"I have absorbed the godly energy from the herbs outside in the past, but this was not under my own accord. It destroyed my energy meridians. If it is the same with the divine crystals, I'm worried my body will immediately explode, killing me." Despite his confidence, Darren was actually worried about this setback.

"Don't worry. The messy energy outside is not the real godly energy. There will be no similar side effects once you absorb the divine crystals."

"Oh. That's certainly a relief."

"Now, I will continue to tell you the rules."

Darren leaned in as he listened carefully.

"If you are lucky enough to pass the test of the first stage of the mountain, then you will receive four divine crystals and a legendary cultivation method. You won't need to comprehend it yourself as the knowledge will directly enter your mind. That will be your reward.

If you can pass the test of the second stage of the mountain, you will obtain a god's body. You can utilize this in order to fight at the third stage of the mountain.

Now, once you pass the test of the third stage of the mountain, congratulations! You will have become a disciple of the Chu Space. You will be protected by the Chu Clan as soon as you come to the Primitive Wilderness and you will have three hundred years to cultivate in peace well. After that, you can decide where to go.

I've told you everything I have to say. Here are two divine crystals. Take them."

Darren picked up two brown stones. He marveled in awe and slight fear. These were the divine crystals.

Darren sensed the immense power contained in the stones. It was much purer than the godly energy contained in the herbs outside!

"I'm in the soul state now. I can't exert my strength without my body." A thought hit Darren. Now that his soul had separated from his body and he didn't have rule skills, how could he possibly pass the first test?

"You don't need to worry about that. Once you enter the first stage of the mountain, you will have a physical bo

would be hurt.

However, the black smoke drifted past, and without any hindrance, it successfully entered the dragon head.

"This old man's soul is really powerful," Barnes murmured.

What followed was a dead silence within the cyan space.

After entering the cyan dragon's head, the black smoke turned into the shape of the witcher ancestor.

The witcher ancestor in his soul state was not as feeble-looking as he usual was. At the moment, he looked like a middle-aged man in black robe.

He strode forward. The intertwining rule and law silk threads could not stop him. He passed through them with ease. His soul was not under any form of law or rule.

"Scott, come out!" the witcher ancestor called out to the floating dragon bead in front of him.

It was quiet for a long time.

"I know you can materialize now. Come out and meet me," the witcher ancestor called again.

"How dare you come to my soul space!"

bellowed a voice from behind the witcher ancestor.

Surprised, the witcher ancestor turned his head and saw a man in cyan. He looked like Scott, but on his left cheek, there were cyan dragon patterns, which made him look cold and ruthless.

He didn't look like a human being at all.

The witcher ancestor sensed his aura, and had an extremely ominous premonition come over him.

"Could you possibly be the cyan dragon?" he asked.

"Of course I am. Now, who are you? How dare you come to my soul space? You must have a death wish by setting foot here!" Scott shouted in a cold voice filled with infinite killing intent.

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