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   Chapter 1109 Desolate Burning Mountain

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In the Godly City

Darren floated along, his body light. The darkness around him seemed endless. There was nothing as far as the eye could see.

"Am I dead?"

Darren had asked himself this question many times, but he refused to believe that he could die like that.

"Welcome to the Chu Space, young man."

From out of the darkness, a voice spoke.

"Who's there?"

Darren's heart thumped loudly. He was ecstatic.

"I'm the spiritual creature of the Chu Space. You may call me the Space Spirit."

Darren nearly burst into tears of joy upon hearing the spiritual creature's voice. He had spent such a long time in the darkness alone. It was comforting to know he was not.

"Space Spirit, tell me. Am I still alive?" This was Darren's biggest concern.

"Well... technically... you have died..."

the Space Spirit drawled out slowly. Darren's ears buzzed and his head spun.

"But you were fated to die, else you would not have been able to come to the real Chu Space. I can kill you but I can also make you reborn," the Space Spirit said, his voice metallic.

"Space Spirit, I want to be reborn. Please let me be reborn. There are still a lot of things I have to do!" Darren pleaded.

"Don't worry. You can be reborn. Well, under one condition, that is. The Desolate Burning Mountain has eight stages. You have to pass through at least the first three stages and obtain the godly dark-spirit crystals. Only then can you be reborn," the Space Spirit said.

"Three stages… Godly dark-spirit crystals…" Darren murmured. "I will do my best."

Darren realized that if he was able to pass some tests in the Chu Space, he would have the opportunity to reach the peak of the Emperor Realm.

"Doing your best won't guarantee your success. Right now, you have two choices. The first is to give up on going into the Desolate Burning Mountain. That means you will live in the soul state for the rest of eternity. Second, you can choose to go into the Desolate Burning Mountain, but your soul can perish and your death will be permanent. I have to remind you that you are not strong enough. Getting out of the Desolate Burning Mountain would be a very hard feat to accomplish."

"It is better than living this life. I would rather take my chances than live the rest of my life wondering what if," Darren said.

"I respect your choice. Let me enlighten you." As soon as the Space Spirit finished speaking,

r me to improve. Otherwise, you wouldn't have summoned me here. There must be a chance for me to pass," Darren said.

The Space Spirit was silent for a moment. When he spoke, his eyes sparkled. "You're very smart. However, even if I give you the divine crystal to cultivate, you still have very little chance of passing the tests."

"Well, I won't know it unless I try." Darren was determined to go into the Desolate Burning Mountain.

"Well, now I will announce the rules of the tests. Listen carefully."

Darren nodded silently. His heart beat wildly inside his chest.

"Before entering the Desolate Burning Mountain, you can get two divine crystals. Generally speaking, these two divine crystals can help a warrior at the peak of the Emperor Realm reach the Super Emperor Realm. You won't be able to accomplish that because your realm, sad to say, is too low.

However, this has something to do with the use of the divine crystals. In theory, you still have a chance to become a super emperor if you make full use of the divine crystals. But even talents in the Primitive Wilderness can't achieve that level of usage. Fifty percent of the usage of a divine crystal is already the limit.

Oh, and one more thing. You have only three months to absorb the divine crystals. When the three months are up, you will automatically be taken to the first test to enter the first stage of the Desolate Burning Mountain. It will take half a year for a cultivator at the peak of the Super Emperor Realm to absorb a divine crystal."

After the Space Spirit finished speaking, Darren was filled with confidence.

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