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   Chapter 1079 Couldn't Find It

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Darren was speechless for a moment.

"Sir, I'm here to find the World Essence. It is vital to preserving the human race. Can you help me?" Darren repeated.

"What are you talking about? I don't understand."

The old man stared at Darren in utter confusion.

Darren explained the situation to the old man, but he still seemed to be at a loss.

"Sir, when did you come here?" Darren prodded.

"How should I know? It has been so long!"

"Sir, you really don't know who the witcher ancestor or Hiram the Great is?" The old man scratched his head.

"Well... I know about Hiram the Great. He is buried there. But I have never seen him in person! Which dynasty is it now? Was Hiram the Great really an emperor?" the old man asked.

Darren's mouth hung open.

He was completely speechless. He probed the old man with his spiritual sense and could not find anything threatening about him. The old man was weak and it seemed that he had no cultivation base at all.

'Is he really just an ordinary old man?' Darren wondered. Darren could not believe what was happening.

"Maybe he is wary of me. I shouldn't push him too hard. I should try to get on with him for a while," Darren murmured to himself.

"Alright! I won't press any longer. But didn't you just say that you wanted to have a drink? Why don't we drink together right now?" Darren offered with a smile.

"Really?" The old man smiled happily. "Is it the sweet smelling wine you poured out a while ago?"

"Of course. It's the first time we met. Only good wine can express how great it is to have met you!"

"Oh! That is fantastic! I haven't tasted good wine in years. I'm so lucky today! I caught a big fish today. I'll cook and prepare it for you, and you bring the drink. It's a feast! Ha!"

The old man was as giddy as a child.

"Come with me. Let's go home and cook,"

the old man said, leading Darren away from the lake.

He brought Darren to a thatched hut, which was made up of superior spiritual herbs. The herbs seemed to be too extravagant, even for grand


With the help of his spiritual sense, Darren found where the Shura was.

The slender, blood-red figure landed on the edge of the cemetery. However, his rage surged as if he had been suppressed by a powerful force.

The Shura raged and the Shura Force painted the whole world scarlet.

However, after a long while, the Shura still stayed in the same place. It was as if he was glued to the ground.

"Ho, the power of the bronze coffin is so strong that even the Shura can't move!"

Darren was relieved to see that.

No wonder that witcher ancestor had said that the bronze coffin was a rare divine weapon. With it, the strong cultivator at the Super Emperor Realm could fight with the first fiend ancestor.

Hiram the Great had been dead for so many years. It was safe to say that the bronze coffin had no owner since then. Even so, it still had the power to suppress the Shura. How powerful it was!

"If I inherit the bronze coffin, I will be more confident of passing through the ordeals in the Godly City."

The witcher ancestor had also said that Darren should take the bronze coffin away if he had the chance.

"Oh my God! What's that? It's really freaking me out!"

While Darren observed, a withered hand clapped him on his back.

Darren turned around and found the old man staring at the Shura with wide eyes. He, too, was afraid.

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