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   Chapter 1078 The Graveyard Keeper

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Inside the bronze coffin

Superior spiritual herbs grew abundantly throughout the space, but these were insignificant to Darren now.

In order to repair his broken arms and legs, Darren had to assimilate the spiritual energy liquid.

The spiritual energy liquid that Darren collected had almost run out. He needed to use it wisely.

After a grueling six hours, Darren was able to heal himself.

He stood up and looked into the distance.

There was an eternal setting sun in the sky. Many powerful, ancient seniors were buried on this grassland.

Darren was overcome with a feeling of desolation.

He slowly walked forward and studied the tombstones. Many of them were engraved with words that he could not recognize.

"It was a tragic fight in the past, and there were many other races participating."

Darren was lost in thought for a moment. The first time that he came here, he saw the tomb of Demon King Andrew. At that time, he also obtained a new cultivation method and mastered the demonic transformation skill.

Darren then decided to express his gratitude to his "master."

Darren scanned the area in search of the tomb.

On the tombstone, the name of the Demon King Andrew was engraved, and there was the martial formula of "Nine Changes of the Demon" on it.

Darren bowed thrice towards the tomb and a faint smile appeared on his face.

This martial formula was a turning point in his life. If it were not for this cultivation method, he would probably still be trapped inside the bronze coffin. After he learned this martial formula, Darren used the power of demonic transformation skill many times to get him out of sticky situations. He owed his life to it.

But later, because his demon core transformed into a pyramid filled with both dragon blood aura and demonic internal force, he stopped practicing it.

Darren looked through the records on the tombstone again and had a new, more profound understanding of the life of the Demon King Andrew.

He was also a brilliant talent who had opened up the path of demonic cultivation for humans.

When Darren read the martial formula again, he found that th

me some?"

Darren suddenly heard a voice speak.

He was shocked. There was someone else in the bronze coffin? Darren immediately turned around, but could not see anyone behind him.

This made Darren more surprised. Other than the law enforcers, there was someone else in the bronze coffin? And he couldn't detect him!

"Alas, I'm getting old. I fall to the ground when I walk."

A moment later, a figure wearing a bamboo hat appeared in the midst of the flowers.

Darren rolled his eyes. The old man had just fallen down. However, how could he escape his spiritual sense's detection?

"Sir, who are you?" Darren asked politely.

"An old graveyard keeper, who is responsible for guarding the graveyard. I go to the lake to fish when I have nothing better to do. Young man, nobody has visited this graveyard for many years. How were you able to come in?" The old man walked to Darren's side.

Darren studied the old man up and down. His face was full of wrinkles and he was so bony that he seemed harmless.

However, Darren knew better than to be fooled by appearances. Since the man could live in the cemetery, he must have some sort of power.

"I have come here on the order of the witcher ancestor to protect the World Essence. It's very important. Could you give me some advice?" Darren asked respectfully.


The old man was stunned for a while. He didn't understand what Darren was talking about.

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