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   Chapter 1077 The Shura Is Here

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The two figures rushing towards the coffin were the Shura and the immortal!

They were not fighting one another. It was obvious that they had reached some agreement.

They might have agreed to let each other go into the bronze coffin!

Darren's figure wasn't fully dragged into the coffin yet when a dark, red palm grabbed hold of his ankle.

The immortal approached Darren and grabbed one of his arms.

The immortal and the Shura would be dragged into the coffin together with Darren!

This meant trouble. He would never be able to find the World Essence in time because he was much weaker than they were.

At this critical moment, Darren activated his killing intent.

But he needed to be smart about this.

Because he had established a contract with the immortal and the Shura, he would be suppressed by the law once it detected his killing intent.

At this point, Darren intended to use the law to get rid of both the immortal and the Shura.

As soon as Darren released his killing intent, an extremely terrifying law force came down from the sky and landed right in front of them.



The arrival of this law shocked the immortal and the Shura. They both thought that they had broken the contract and had caused the law to come down and suppress them.


The blade and sword intents rushed out immediately. Darren took the opportunity to cut off his arms and legs and immediately retracted his killing intent.


In the blink of an eye, Darren entered the bronze coffin. The lid slammed firmly shut.

Only then did the immortal and the Shura realize that they had been fooled.

This human was too cunning. He was able to outsmart them both.

He even cut off his own arms and legs to achieve what he wanted!

After absorbing Darren, the bronze coffin quickly sank. It was shrouded in the blue ice cocoon once more and became impenetrable.

The Shura and the immortal punched at the blue ice with all their might and while everything around them began to crumble, the blue ice stayed intact.

The immortal and the Shura flew upward.

They glared at each other col

Shura was very angry about the immortal's escape, but he needed to find the bronze coffin.

The whole star exploded because of the clash of powers. Fire rained down around the Shura as he saw that the whole space had been devastated.

After the shattering of the star, a huge blue ice crystal was suspended in the void, unaffected.

The bronze coffin lay at the center of the ice crystal. The Shura flew to the blue ice crystal.

A few moments later, a dark, red ring floated atop his palm. He silently activated the ring, and a low-level fiend fell out of the ring.

He was well prepared!

He had known that in order to open the bronze coffin he needed fiendish aura. The immortal even didn't know this!

When the fiend landed, it cowered in front of the powerful Shura.

"Release your power!" The Shura commanded in the fiend's language.


The fiend bared its teeth and waved its claws. Its skin began to crack and black mucus oozed out of its every pore. It had released all of its fiendish aura!


The bronze coffin started to quiver, and tiny cracks appeared on the blue ice cocoon.

Inside the bronze coffin, Darren found himself in a vast grassland.

There were low tombs everywhere and there were many tall tombstones in the distance.

"Here I am at last."

Lying on the ground, Darren tried to heal his broken arms and legs by assimilating the spiritual energy liquid.

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