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   Chapter 1076 Find The Bronze Coffin

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He felt the change in his elixir field, which indicated that the bronze coffin was likely on this star.

Darren transformed into dragon and released the fiendish aura after making sure that the immortal had left.


The violent fiendish aura was released and Darren felt pain spread throughout his belly.

He suppressed the pain and began to look for the bronze coffin.

Darren kept flying in the direction which made his elixir field ache more. The more pain he felt, the closer he was to the bronze coffin.

Darren also kept his guard up. The immortal was an extremely cunning creature. Darren was worried that she would secretly follow him.

After confirming that the immortal was nowhere near him, Darren flew to the star's extreme west.

Pink mist shrouded the area, giving the ice and snow a light tinge.

"Is it down here?"

Where Darren was, he could feel a very strange rune power. At that moment, the severe pain in his elixir field was unbearable. He transformed back into a human.

Darren struck the ground with his powerful palm. The earth shook! When the dust settled, a cave tens of thousands of kilometers deep was opened on the ground below him.

However, there was a layer of blue ice at the bottom of the cave. It was difficult for Darren to penetrate it, and he could sense power emanating from underneath.

"It's definitely here!"

He was certain that this was the way to the bronze coffin.

Suddenly, the immortal's aura appeared.


Darren frowned when he sensed the immortal's aura.

Darren jumped into the air and quickly covered the mouth of the cave with snow to conceal the blue ice.

"I can't find it," Darren said loudly, feigning disappointment.

The immortal landed in front of Darren and glanced at him coldly. "You are also looking for the World Essence."

"You're wrong. I don't want to find the World Essence. I just don't want you to find it."

"Why not?" The immortal's voice was devoid of any emotion.

"You don't have to ask. The Lothlann Continent is my hometown, and I have family and friends there. How could I possibly let you destroy it?"



Darren was excited to find the bronze coffin. Once he entered it, he would get closer to finding the World Essence.


Darren heard a piercing cry.

Darren's heart skipped a beat. "Damn it! The noise caught her attention!"


After the first howl, another howl came. This one had a different aura—the Shura aura!

"He's here too? The Shura!"

Darren was surprised. He didn't expect that the Shura would also be around.

"Why is he here?"

Darren could not understand why it was so easy for the Shura to find the place since he and the immortal had such a difficult time getting there.

"Let me go inside first.


His fiendish aura flowed out of his body.

Darren released all his strength to fight against the suppressing power that came at him.

Darren was nearly killed by the power.

Suddenly, the coffin lid popped open with a creak.

A streak of cyan light enveloped Darren.

Darren sighed with relief. If he wasn't able to resist the suppressing power, the bronze coffin would never open because the opening was going to suck Darren in for stronger suppression!

At this point, Darren didn't resist. He only absorbed most of the fiendish aura back into his body and let the pulling force drag him in.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures, one clad in green and one clad in red, came down at an extremely fast speed and rushed towards the bronze coffin.

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