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   Chapter 1075 A Quick Search

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Darren patted his head in regret.

He secretly blamed himself. He should have made her promise not to destroy the Lothlann Continent when he had the chance half a year ago.

If such an oath was established, then the Lothlann Continent could have avoided an incredible threat!

Darren's mind was zoned in on Elsa at that time, and he had forgotten everything else. With some thinking, Darren realized he couldn't be entirely blamed for it. His life was in danger, after all. How was he supposed to think about all of that? Also, if he asked for too much on their terms, the immortal might've just declined.

"Forget it. The chance has passed."

Darren decided not to think about it anymore. There was no use crying over spilled milk. The best choice was to carry on.

He had to find the immortal's location as soon as possible. If she had entered the bronze coffin, even more so.

Inside the bronze coffin, lay a whole world. Even if the immortal had entered, she might not find the World Essence that quickly. Moreover, half a year wasn't enough for her to recover enough to reach the peak of her power. Entering the bronze coffin would be a difficult feat—even for her.

But where should he go look for the coffin?

Darren cupped his face in his hands and sighed in frustration.

"If only I could get in touch with the ten Golden Law Enforcers. If I could explain the situation to them, they might let me in."

Only when the ten Golden Law Enforcers were together could they know the location of the bronze coffin.

Darren didn't even know the first place to look for them.

Darren suddenly recalled the words, "North Pole, Thousand-star Chaotic Array, Nine Celestial Positions, In-between the Seventh and Eighth Constellations..."

These were the words recited by the immortal after she took the law enforcers' memories.

Darren couldn't understand what she had said back there.

He couldn't understand the first phrase "North Pole," because there was no such place in the void.

But Darren was quick to think of a solution. He recalled a similar description was recorded in the secret array passed on to him by the witcher ancestor.

The movement of the stars corresponded to some specific terms.

Darren could pinpoint the exact location after skimming the memory about the secret array!

It seemed like an impossible feat to search for specific words in the secret array, since this contained billions of words. But in fact, it was easier than attempting to comprehend the secret array as a whole

eded more than ten days before he reached another star. If he couldn't detect anything abnormal, he would fly away immediately. This way, he was much faster than the immortal!

By the tenth star, Darren still hadn't found any trace of the bronze coffin.

During this period of time, he encountered two ravaged and destroyed stars—obviously broken by the immortal.

He decided to carry on with his search. Darren eventually descended on a black withered star. Once again, he immediately triggered the strong fiendish aura.

"There's still nothing here,"

mumbled Darren in disappointment. Just as he was about to leave and move on to the next star, a strange feeling swept over him.

A cold aura crept over him as a green shadow appeared in the distance. A single step of this being covered a thousand kilometers.

"Ha." Darren sneered.

In the blink of an eye, the immortal approached him. Her beautiful eyes were icy and her expression was grim.

"So, you're alive," the immortal said coldly.

"Miss me? Sorry to disappoint you." Darren raised his chin and smirked mockingly.

The immortal gnashed her teeth and let out an annoyed, "Tsk." She hated his indifferent attitude, but there was nothing she could do about it. She couldn't kill Darren, nor could she release her killing intent.

After gazing knives into him for a few moments, she quickly turned around in silence and continued her hunt for the bronze coffin. She knew she had no time to waste; she had to find it first.

As soon as the immortal left, Darren felt something move. The black pyramid in his elixir field began to spin at an alarmingly high speed, and he felt a sudden sharp pain in his abdomen.

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