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   Chapter 1074 You're Fooled

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With the contract made, under no circumstances could Darren threaten her life. The immortal thought she was safe from Darren for the time being.

However, what she didn't know was that the contract hadn't been established yet.

The strange stone had absorbed the contract and couldn't take effect on Darren. Even if it worked, Darren could still threaten her. The worst that could happen was death, and Darren had already made his peace with that.

"Humph! You are so cunning. But don't forget that I'm not afraid of death at all. We can die together," said Darren.

Darren's words were crystal clear. Of course, he was just bluffing.

The immortal suddenly realized she was being careless.

"You are too stubborn," the immortal said coldly.

"So? I have lost my patience. Stop playing games with me," Darren said coldly.

"I'm ready to make the contract about releasing their souls. Relax your soul now." The immortal had compromised. She could do nothing with this human. She could not understand why he would choose to die for his wife.

In the immortal's mind, this was unfathomable.

A moment later, a rune containing the Oath Law rushed into Darren's head.

"Shit!" Darren felt a little nervous. He was worried about what would happen if his law was swallowed by the strange stone again.

Darren immediately tried to take control of the stone and willed it to stay still with his mind.

Darren and the immortal spoke out their vows at the same time. The immortal would let out Elsa's and Denise's souls at an appropriate time, as Darren asked.

The strange stone in Darren's head began to vibrate. A strange and powerful force seemed to devour the rune of law.

Darren used all of his power to make sure that the stone was under his control. Fortunately, the strange stone belonged to him. The contract was set up.

Darren felt relief flood through his veins.

The immortal had already promised to release Elsa and Denise. He would wait until he became a super emperor and then he could ask the witcher ancestor to help him.

His wish was finally coming true.


gather enough strength, he might just be able to survive this.

Three days later, Darren's cultivation base had improved by a bit. He felt that he had almost accumulated enough power.

If he did not move, his lower body would be completely dissolved.

"Let's go!"

Darren gritted his teeth and gathered all his strength.

He gradually rose from the waters and up into the air.

It was slow, but it was better than being in the throes of death.

When he had risen a few kilometers, Darren stopped. His power had been depleted. A balance was reached again.

"Keep on improving the cultivation base!"

Darren gritted his teeth and tried again.

The first burst of power only bought him enough time to cultivate.

One month, two months…

After five months, Darren reached the peak of a half-step emperor. He had enough strength to continuously fly upwards.

After flying for a month, the pulling force got weaker. Darren became faster and faster. Finally, he made it high into the sky and was not bound by the pulling force anymore!

"You will pay for this one day!"

Darren's hatred towards the immortal grew even deeper.

"Damn it! It has been half a year. Has she found the bronze coffin?"

Only then did Darren realize that his purpose of coming here was to protect the World Essence. If the immortal had already gotten her hands on it, the consequences would be dire.

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