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   Chapter 1073 The Cunning Immortal

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After the contract had been established, Darren had lost his desire to kill the immortal. He believed that she, too, had the same feeling. They were both in the same boat now.

"Very well. I shall fill you with spiritual energy, and you should recover as soon as possible."

Time waited for no one. Darren estimated that he only had half an hour at most before he was about to fall.

He immediately swallowed the liquefied spiritual energy. He then placed his palm on the immortal's belly and let the spiritual energy flow into her.

However, the immortal's body was vastly different from a normal being's. Even though his spiritual energy was of high caliber, he couldn't cure her instantly.

Waves of spiritual energy surged into her body, transforming into a fainter version of the immortal's power.

Half an hour passed, and Darren found themselves falling. Inch by inch, they were both nearing the water's surface. Their robes touched the waves more and more frequently.

But before they could fully go down, the immortal's power streamed out of her body. It pulled them up, inch by inch.

At this speed, Darren estimated that it would take them at least dozens of years to pull themselves out of this pulling force range!

He couldn't wait for that long, so he began transferring more spiritual energy into the immortal's body.

One month passed, and half of his spiritual energy liquid was consumed.

During this time, the immortal hadn't fully recovered yet. Most of her power was used to resist the pulling force instead of healing her.

Slowly, they reached the height of three kilometers from the sea surface.

"I'm afraid you will have to resist the pulling force yourself now. I need to reserve my power,"

the immortal said.

"Why?" Darren asked, puzzled.

"The more immortal's power I have, the faster I can recover. If we can hold on for a month, I'll be able to get us out of here once I'm ready."

Indeed, even if she only recovered twenty percent of her true strength, the pulling force would become insignificant.


And anyway, she couldn't kill Darren now. He had nothing to worry about if he agreed with her.

"That's not right."

After thinking for a while, Darren sighed.

"You really are strange and

hat, her strange immortal's spiritual sense rushed into Darren's mind. It was made up of runes with complicated structures. Those runes were from the Oath Law, which was more advanced than the Oath Rule.

She first passed the contract that would bound Darren to never endanger her life.

He accepted it without hesitation. He pledged his oath silently.

But as he was making his oath, he felt the strange stone in his head rotating wildly. The runes began to disappear into the stone.

He felt his heart stuttering against his chest as he watched the strange scene unfold.


Darren answered tentatively. But he knew that the contract did not come into effect.


To his surprise, the immortal didn't seem to notice this at all.

He kept his shock to himself. He could hardly believe that the strange stone inside his head was so magical that it could resist the power of oath!

The Oath Law was one of the supreme laws!

"Well then, you better hold up your end of the bargain."

Now it was time for the immortal to agree to release Elsa's and Denise's souls.

"No way."

However, the immortal didn't seem keen on pushing through with the deal.

Only then did Darren realize that he had been fooled. Since the first contract was made, Darren could not do anything to endanger the immortal's life even if she didn't promise to release Elsa and Denise!

Fortunately, she had no idea that it didn't come into effect.

'Liar! The immortal is too cunning!' Darren thought.

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