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   Chapter 1071 Human Beings Are Complicated

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Darren still remembered the time when the immortal emerged from that mysterious cave. She assimilated Elsa and Denise instantly.

At that time, Darren felt like his heart was being cut open by a knife. He could do nothing but watch as his wife was assimilated by the immortal. He could never forget that feeling.

Darren's hatred for the immortal persisted over the years. However, no matter how talented he was, he couldn't possess the power to kill an immortal.

But now, he finally had his chance. Darren's strength was comparable to that of a holy emperor's. If he could not go up against the immortal now, he would never be able to do so.


Darren's figure rushed towards the immortal in an instant.

A cold spiritual sense swept over and the immortal immediately sensed Darren's arrival.

The strong spiritual sense hit Darren's soul.


Darren felt the excruciating pain in his soul, but how could he give up? He needed to give his very best to defeat the immortal, once and for all.

Darren used all his strength to fly. He was a few hundred feet away from the immortal.

When the immortal felt Darren's dangerous killing intent, she struggled to increase her speed of falling.

The immortal prevented Darren from coming any closer to her using her strong spiritual sense. Darren continued to press on.

"You can't run away! You need to pay for what you did to my wife!"

His hatred for the immortal grew stronger and stronger.


Darren's blade and sword intents shot at the immortal.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop.

The blade and sword intents fell on the immortal's body, and green lights began to swirl around her. The green lights served as the immortal's protective shield. The shield was powerful enough to withstand Darren's blade and sword intents.

"Damn it!"

Darren shouted indignantly.


Darren screamed like a crazy beast.

He seemed to lose his sanity. He went berserk and he moved even faster.

His soul ached more and more as he


Darren calmed down. "I can't kill you. You can't die."

"No, but we will both die if we fall into the sea."

Hearing this, Darren quickly channeled his spiritual sense downwards.

A ferocious ocean lay below them. If they fell in, the waves would devour them both.

"What is this sea called? Will you die if you fall in?"

"It's the Sea of Nothingness. It can dissolve everything."

"That's all right." Darren smiled.

The immortal looked at Darren with a cold and complex expression. Once again, Darren confused her.

"What do you mean?" the immortal asked.

"Let's die together. I can't save Elsa anyway. If I die, I won't be in pain anymore! Don't you understand?" Darren sneered.

The immortal was dumbfounded at Darren's words. Why would he choose to die? This defied all logic. He had no reason to do that!

"Why can't you live without her?"

the immortal finally spat out. It had been weighing on her mind for quite some time.

"You don't understand. You will never understand. You have no real feelings, and you have no heart!" Darren said coldly.

"Heartless," the immortal whispered. "Human emotions are worthless. What can they do?"

"Then tell me, why should you exist? Do heartless beings deserve to live?"

Darren's question silenced the immortal, who thought very deeply about his question.

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