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   Chapter 1070 Hiram The Great Is Summoned

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A gray mist crept up on the ten law enforcers simultaneously until they were out of sight. Slowly, a death aura then began to emanate from them.

When Darren checked them again, he found that they were marked for death. Their bodies seemed to be made of metal.

Once they passed, the immortal could no longer take their memories.

Sensing this, the immortal burst into anger. She was terribly disappointed in the ten law enforcers.

"Ah!" she screamed.

She flashed over where they were and smacked the ten law enforcers more than ten thousand times over.

The ten bodies were sent flying from the sheer force of the immortal. In a frenzy, the immortal used her full strength to shatter the golden armor that the enforcers were wearing.

"No, this is not good." Darren's heart skipped a beat. "She's going to kill them."

She had already stolen ninety percent of their memories, and was perfectly capable of finding the location of the bronze coffin with the information she gathered. The ten law enforcers were as good as useless to her by now.

'I wonder if I should help them or not?' thought Darren, with slight hesitation.

He stopped to think about it for a while. Darren eventually decided it would be best to stay put.

Even if he helped the ten law enforcers, their doomed fate was inescapable. Besides that, if Darren went out, he would surely die as well.

It seemed wiser to stay alert and follow the immortal in secret. If he tailed her, he'd find the bronze coffin, and whoever entered the coffin first would obtain the World Essence.

"Emperor! Descend!"

Ten cold voices spoke menacingly from the side of the battlefield, shaking Darren out from deep thought.

The space began to violently rumble.

The void collapsed, and a blinding cyan light enveloped the ten law enforcers.

Cracking noises rang through the space as

the rumbling continued within a hundred thousand kilometers.

The immortal, feeling the violent power, stepped back.

She stared dead ahead with her beautiful and icy eyes. The cold cyan light complimented her eyes as it danced in her terrifying gaze.

"Back off now! Or I'll kill you!"

The deafening roar of thunder reverberated throughout the whole world.

From the light, a slender young man appeared. He donned dazzling cyan armor and wielded a halberd with dragon patterns. An air of nobility emanated from him.

"Hiram the Great!"

Darren gasped as he saw the figure. He sensed the same aura that he felt from Hiram'

emnant of his soul that was able to burst out his power.

Of course, this was only Darren's intelligent guess.

"Let's go!"

The ten law enforcers were seriously injured, but still alive. Since they were unable to defeat the immortal even after summoning Hiram the Great, they chose to retreat and live to fight another day.

In a heartbeat, the ten law enforcers fled in ten different directions.

Darren's heart wrenched. Escape was impossible now. He felt that the ten law enforcers fled in futile.

But the next moment, Darren was stunned. The immortal still stood motionless in the air. She didn't chase after them in any way.

Darren swiftly went back into hiding and observed the situation. After the ten law enforcers had disappeared, the immortal started to move again.

She tried to step forward, but her steps were extremely unstable as she trembled. After just less than a kilometer, her charming figure left a green imprint of light in the air. She was falling!

Darren suddenly realized that the battle did not leave the immortal unharmed. She was only holding a strong front, and it seemed that she was actually badly injured!

The only thing that could make an immortal fall from the void was being on the verge of death!


Darren didn't hesitate. He transformed into a purple light and rushed in the direction of the immortal.

After travelling in the space turbulent flows for only an hour, Darren finally got a clear glimpse of the immortal.

Darren's heart began to beat out of his chest.

For so many years, he had hoped he could slay the immortal and save Elsa. He never expected that day would come like this!

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