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   Chapter 1069 Location Exposed

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The ten Golden Law Enforcers attacked the immortal. Darren kept himself hidden, observing what was going on around him.

Ten golden spears flew towards the immortal. Darren was shocked at how strong the impact of the attacks was.

These Golden Law Enforcers were already high up the Emperor Realm!

When he was in the Raksa Sea, the law enforcer was not as strong as what he was seeing. It turned out that he was holding back.

Darren was surprised that the human race had such powerful warriors.

The immortal's body emanated a soft, green light, forming a protective shield around her. The joint attack of the ten Golden Law Enforcers failed to break her defense!

She paused for a moment before lifting up her palm and pushing the air in front of her.


A powerful force tore the void apart. The space filled with cracks.

The two Golden Law Enforcers who were closest to her got hit and they were hurled backwards at an alarming speed.

"Oh, no!"

Darren wiped the sweat off his forehead. The men were surely injured, or worse, dead!

However, Darren was astonished when he saw that the two Golden Law Enforcers seemed to be unaffected. They returned back to the fight.

"What's going on?"

Darren observed carefully. He discovered that it was their golden armor that helped them resist most of the immortal's attacks.

"That's amazing!" Darren was awed and relieved at the same time.

"Golden Killing Strike!"

The ten law enforcers gathered together, bringing forth an explosive power.

They fused together all of their golden spears, creating a sharp, dark golden spear that vibrated with holy power.

All ten law enforcers flew towards the spear and they blew on it. The spear began to glow.

The power of the law enforcers were transferred into the spear.


The dark golden spear pierced through the air and rushed straight towards the head of the immortal.


During the first time, the dark golden spear recoiled and spiraled in the

reat caution with every attack. This confused him.


Suddenly, Darren realized something.

"Is the immortal stealing their memories?"

The ten law enforcers were from the bronze coffin. Darren knew that the goal of the immortal was to find the bronze coffin. That was the only way for her to get the information.

Although the immortal's current strength was limited to the primary stage of the Super Emperor Realm, her Spirit Power was incredible! She would definitely be able to steal memories if she wanted to.

"She's stalling! She just wants to know where the coffin is!"

Darren was alarmed. He wanted to warn the law enforcers.

But what would they be able to do? The law enforcers would not choose to escape. Even if they did, they still would be chased down by the immortal, who was much faster than them.

"The North Pole; Thousand-star Chaotic Array; Nine Celestial Positions; In-between the Seventh and Eighth Constellations..."

the immortal murmured.

"No way!"

The ten law enforcers were aghast.

"She found the location of the bronze coffin!"

"We're doomed. She was able to read our memories."

"Everyone, preserve yourselves!"

The ten law enforcers panicked. The bronze coffin was extremely important. If the immortal was able to find it, they would surely be sinners of history!

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