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   Chapter 1068 A Trace Of The Immortal

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The feast continued, but Darren was becoming more and more restless.

A month had already passed since the Water Kylin's last appearance. Something must have happened to him. Otherwise, he would have replied to his messages.

"Everyone, excuse me for a moment. There's something I have to deal with first."

"What could be more important than drinking with us?" someone teased.

"I need to check out why the Water Kylin hasn't returned yet."

"Of course. That's a serious matter indeed. Where did the Water Kylin go after he informed us of your return?"

"You guys go ahead and drink. I'll just look for him," Darren said.

"Alright. Let us know if you need any help," Chad offered.

Darren nodded and flew out of the area.

He spread his spiritual sense as far as it could go. It enveloped the Bottom Spiritual World completely, but he still couldn't find the Water Kylin.

"Could he be out of the Bottom Spiritual World?" Darren murmured to himself.

He continued with his search until he came upon something suspicious at the Barren Wasteland. He landed on a clearing in the woods.

There were golden hair scattered all over the ground.

There was a familiar aura hanging in the air. It was the Water Kylin's.

'Something bad has happened to him.' As this thought crossed his mind, Darren frowned. The Water Kylin's strength was almost within the Emperor Realm. Who could have that much power to pose as a threat to the Water Kylin?

For a while, Darren was submerged deeply in his thoughts before he came up with a conclusion. Of course, with the Water Kylin's power, only the immortal could do such thing. But it still didn't add up the fact that there weren't any signs of struggle in here.

'She's here! She's here!'

With no other lead, Darren followed the Water Kylin's aura until he came upon a valley.

He had been here before. This was the place where he came upon the bronze coffin many years ago. At that time, there were low-level fiends roaming the area with the intent of killing any humans they encountered.

Walking up to a stone wall, he paused for a moment.

There was a cave engraved on the stone wall. It was where he had hidden himself from the fiends. They couldn't get him from there because the place had a rule power restriction on it.

'Why would the immortal come here? Why did she kidnap the Water Kylin?'

As these questions ran inside his head, he carefully observed the wall. The Water Kylin's aura went beyond

ty million kilometers away.'

Indeed, it was strange to find a hint of spiritual energy in a dead zone like this. He had to follow this energy and see where it was coming from.

After flying for ten days, Darren felt that the spiritual energy became more and more powerful.

"It's not spiritual energy. It's the immortal's aura!"

He felt his heart stutter at the realization.

With all his might, he flew.

After flying for over a million kilometers, he was suddenly jarred by a strong impact.

'There's a battle going on!'

There was a wave of power surging in the air. He could sense a dozen people fighting three million kilometers away from him.

He hid his aura and continued to fly.

As he got closer, there were a series of explosions in the air.

The whole area seemed to vibrate with it.

Brilliant lights burst every now and then.

He could sense ten strong human warriors in the area. They were all wearing golden armors and holding spears. At the center of them, there was an exceedingly beautiful woman.

'That is...'

Darren was surprised to see powerful beings in this place who dared fight against the immortal.

The warriors in golden armor looked familiar to Darren. It was as if he had seen them somewhere before.

Skimming through his memories, he finally realized their identity.

He had seen men like them back in the Raksa Sea. It was where he fought the ancient senior holy warrior with a fake Shura Force. In the end, a man in golden armor came over from the sky to take the ancient senior holy warrior away.

That man claimed himself a Golden Law Enforcer, and he came from the bronze coffin.

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