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   Chapter 1067 Brothers Reunion

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Suddenly, blazing lights lit up the walls of the huge cave underground. The space that Chu Clan had carved out was ten times larger than the Chu Clan's house in the city.

There were now more than a hundred of their elders gathered in the area.

"It's good to see you back."

"Welcome back, my child."

"Darren, welcome back."

Every one of them seemed happy to see Darren again.

"Oh, Uncle Reed, why did you move to the Barren Wasteland? Did something happen?" Darren asked after their greetings.

"There is nobody in the whole of Doriath who dares threaten the Chu Clan. You left us with a lot of resources, so that we can cultivate our young talents. In fact, there are those who are at the supreme stage of the Wonder Realm among the younger generation!"

"Is that so? Why did you move here, then?" Darren sounded skeptical by his uncle's response.

"Alas. We know that you work for the human race, and that you will have many enemies. We hide in this mountain in case one of your enemies come to us one day and take us as hostages. We don't want to be a burden to you when that time comes, so we made ourselves difficult to locate."

Darren burst into laughter.

"Uncle Reed, you worry too much. There are law enforcers from the Sacred Palace who guard the ordinary land. No one would dare do anything wrong. And anyway, my enemies are all powerful. In fact, they are as strong as holy emperors. They wouldn't resort to lowly moves such as that. I think it's alright for the whole clan to go back."

Looking back on it, Darren never really had the time to tell them about his enemies. It would be useless, anyway, to hide even hundreds of kilometers underground. His enemies could surely track down the entire Chu Clan if they wanted.

Nonetheless, Darren was moved by the clan's thoughtfulness of his situation.

"I think we better stay here. We're all used to it anyway. Also, it's not really a big deal. We actually find it better to live in seclusion," Reed said reassuringly.

"I see. I guess that's true." Darren smiled and moved on from the topic. "Uncle Reed, what shall we eat tonight?"

"We'll be having roast meat with various kinds of herbs. I'm sure you'll like it." Reed then turned to the rest of the clan. "Prepare the banquet! Don't forget to take out three thousand jars of good wine from the cellar. Today is a special day for we are welcoming Darren. He

unny enough, not everyone seemed to catch on to Darren's answer immediately. They didn't realize that he was talking about the Emperor Realm. This meant he was almost equivalent to Hiram the Great! He was like a god to them now!

"That's awesome!"


"So what if you're that strong now? That doesn't mean we won't kick your butt for disappearing on us for years!"


Everyone rushed towards him to offer their congratulations. Their bodies pressed up against him as they all began to piled up on top of him.

A warm sense of fondness washed over Darren at this action.

True friends wouldn't care about his strength. There were no envy or bitterness between them. It was easy being with them regardless of how strong he was or they were.

They really were his true friends!

At this point, everyone was a little drunk. After all, they had been drinking for almost a month.

"It's strange. The Water Kylin hasn't come back yet."

Indeed, nobody had seen the Water Kylin for the entire month.

"Water Kylin, where are you now? Where are Mathew and Hanson?"

Amid the confusion, Darren spread out his spiritual sense to search for Water Kylin.

It took him a long time to withdraw his spiritual sense, but there was no response.

Three days passed, and yet there were still no signs of the Water Kylin. Darren was beginning to get worried.

"Could it be he hasn't come home because of a female kylin?" Darren murmured.

"No, there must be something wrong." Unease sat like a heavy stone at the bottom of Darren's stomach. He had a bad feeling about this.

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