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The five Crisis Stars represented the five figures who possessed the power to destroy the world. As only one had lit up, it meant that the other four were still dormant.

Which of the five had awoken? Darren's curiosity had been piqued, and he would have liked to question the witcher ancestor about the identity of the person represented by the Crisis Star. However, as the witcher ancestor had left, Darren's query remained unanswered.

"Let's go back, Water Kylin!"

Darren called before he turned and flew away.

Once they returned to the continent, Darren did not seek the Sacred Palace.

"Master, where are we going?" the Water Kylin asked as he followed Darren.

"Home," Darren answered calmly.

"Are we going to visit the Chu Clan in the ordinary land?" the Water Kylin asked. His eyes widened with surprise as Darren hadn't seen his family in a while.

"Yes. I encountered the bronze coffin in a mountain range when I was young. I want to check it," Darren explained.

"Well, that's a good idea. Since the fiend is hiding, and the immortal can't find the bronze coffin, we have time." The Water Kylin nodded.

They flew at their maximum speed.

Soon, they reached the edge of the Medium Spiritual World and crossed into the land that used to belong to the Bottom Spiritual World.

The landscape immediately changed to vast green mountains, blue skies, and white clouds.

Although the Bottom Spiritual World had sparse spiritual energy, Darren felt revitalized as the air was fresh.

"By the way, when are you going to see Scott?"

The Water Kylin was still worried about Scott. He didn't know whether he would succeed or not.

"Let's discuss it later. Right now, as my strength is insufficient, I won't be of much help to him even if I go." As Darren had something important to deal with, he couldn't focus on Scott.

"All right."

Darren and the Water Kylin glanced at the earth below them as they flew in the sky.

"That's Valmar." Darren excitedly pointed at a piece of land below.

"Master, will the Chu Clan be frightened when they learn of your strength?" The Water Kylin grinned as he imagined the shock and astonishment Darren's family would feel.

"Ha-ha." Darren smiled faintly. "Remember to restrain your aura. I won't be happy if you scare the kids of my clan.

By the way, since I don't visit frequently, I will need your help locating some of my old friends. As I've been running around all these years, I haven't had the time to contact the

ul spiritual sense to search every living creature in Doriath.

Darren's nervousness and anxiety settled, albeit by a fraction, when he learned that the members of the Chu Clan were inside a big cave in the Barren Wasteland.

"Stop! Who are you?"

Two young men stopped him as soon as they spotted Darren approaching the entrance of the cave.

"A member of the Chu Clan." Darren smiled as he studied the two young men. "Not bad. You are at the middle stage of the Wonder Realm."

The two young men panicked when they realized that this stranger had sensed their cultivation base.

"Inform the grand ancestor."

A moment later, a grey-haired old man stepped out of the cave

When he saw Darren's figure, his lips trembled, and he was too stunned to speak.

"Uncle Reed." The smile on Darren's face grew as he greeted.

"You have returned!" Reed's tear-filled eyes searched Darren's face for a while. With every passing moment, the fear that he was imagining, lessened. Finally, his voice trembled as he said, "You're really back."

Tears spilled down his cheeks as he repeated those words.

"Uncle Reed, you're getting old." Darren was slightly sorrowful.

Reed nodded. After a brief moment of silence, he instructed, "Inform the elders that Darren has returned."

"What? He is Darren?" The two young men were astounded.

Reed hit one of the young men on the head and said, "What did you say? Call him ancestor!"

"Ancestor? Why? He looks younger than me. Why should I call him ancestor?"

"You have no manners! Leave now!" Reed laughed.

"Come on in, Darren." Reed's face filled with joy as he stepped forward and held Darren's hand.

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