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   Chapter 1065 Crisis Star

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"What's inside the stone tablet?

What did you see? Tell me," Darren urged.

"It's hell in there. I saw a bronze coffin floating inside," Finley answered under his breath. This was what he saw.

"Is that all?"


Darren looked thoughtful for a while. His attention was piqued by the mention of a bronze coffin.

"I think I understand."

He reckoned that there was a connection between the World Essence and the bronze coffin.

Many years ago, he had entered a mysterious bronze coffin. Later on, Chandler had told him that the bronze coffin was actually the Upper Spiritual World.

This must mean that the World Essence was in the Upper Spiritual World.

Relief came over to Darren upon this realization. The location of this bronze coffin must be very hard to find even for the immortal.

There was only one person left who should know about its location. It was the witcher ancestor.

After all, it was the witcher ancestor and Hiram the Great who had divided the Lothlann Continent into three worlds.

"Finley, go back to the Ancient Void Battlefield. Make sure that the Inner Fiend remains suppressed."

"Okay. Just call me if you need any help."

With that, Finley returned to the Ancient Void Battlefield while Darren flew off.

Upon reaching the River of Forgetfulness, he immediately sent out a message to the witcher ancestor.

"Sir, the secret of the stone tablet has been revealed."

"Really?" The witcher ancestor then appeared in front of Darren.

"It was one of my friends who had discovered the secret. It couldn't be broken by force, but the Spirit Power could seep through it," Darren explained briefly.

"So that's how it is."

The witcher ancestor's withered face twitched. He tried getting his hands on the stone tablet's secret many times before. Each time, he failed. Even when he was at his peak, he acquired some injuries over time.

"The simpler the object is, the more confusing it is," the witcher ancestor sighed in resignation.

"That's right. The stronger you get, the more dependent you become on it." Darren offered him a smile.

"Never mind. Let's just move on. So, where is the World Essence?" the witcher ancestor asked.

"Strangely enough, my friend saw a bronze coffin floating in lava. I think the World Essence is inside that coffin," Darren repli

in, you will have more chances of passing through the Godly City. It's only by reaching the peak of a holy emperor that you can compete with the top figures of the world."

These words confused Darren. "Shouldn't I be focusing on suppressing the first fiend ancestor? Why are you talking about me fighting the top figures in the world?"

At that moment, the witcher ancestor's expression changed. He seemed to have slipped something he shouldn't have said.

"Well, I've mentioned this before. The first fiend ancestor isn't the only one who covets the World Essence. You'll find this out soon. I just hope that you'll be ready by then."

Then he turned around and looked at the sky.

"Darren, look at that bright star over there." He pointed his finger to the void.

Darren's eyes followed the direction of the witcher's finger and saw the star.

"It doesn't look special," Darren said honestly.

"Look carefully. Use your soul to observe," the witcher ancestor urged.

Darren looked at the star again. This time, he used his soul power. Doing so had made the star burn brighter. It was as if it could overshadow everything even the sun.

"Oh my God! What kind of star is that?" Darren quickly withdrew his soul power.

"That's the Crisis Star. There are four more stars like it. When all five of them are shining, you'll know that the time has come." With that, his figure slowly began to fade.

"This one plus four other stars in the darkness? So that's five of them." The warning reverberated inside Darren's head. It terrified him.

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