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   Chapter 1063 The Bad News

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Upon returning to the surface of the River of Forgetfulness, Darren flew alongside the river.

There was a powerful force ahead of him that shook the river. He could see how the river was on the verge of collapsing from the attacks on its restrictions.

Darren flew over and saw the dark aura around Barnes. The monkey had pushed his strength to the limit.

Ahead, Barnes was struggling to get through the fourth layer of restriction.

Soon, he fell to the ground with his stick in hand. It was evident that he was getting frustrated. "Alright. I give up," he said.

"What's wrong?" Darren was smiling when he asked.

"This restriction is too powerful. I can't seem to break it no matter what I do."

The River of Forgetfulness had eighteen layers of restriction. Darren had discovered that the immortal was beyond the twelfth layer, which meant she was even more powerful than Barnes. After all, he couldn't even get pass the fourth layer.

Now, Darren's strength had grown considerably the past years. But even if he used all his strength, he could break through the fourth layer at most.

Knowing this, he spread his spiritual sense to search for any signs of the ancient senior holy warriors.

"Why are there a hundred thousand senior holy warriors from the ancient times preserved here?" Darren muttered.

"What senior holy warriors? Those aren't just senior holy warriors. You can see how they have been sealed so securely," Barnes pointed out.

Darren unleashed his spiritual sense again. It was then that he detected something unusual.

The stone-like figures at the bottom of the river had some strange rule powers suppressing them.

"Are they all half-step emperors?" Darren was surprised by this revelation.

"In the ancient times, most were tribulation holy warriors. They shouldn't be at the level of half-step emperors," Barnes explained, yawning.

"So what kind of realm do you think they are in?" Darren asked.

"They're at least at the peak of a six-tribulation senior holy warrior. Some may even be seven-tribulation senior holy warriors." Barnes then soared up in the air. His deep, dark eyes swept far and wide.

Darren frowned and remained silent.

"They sound dangerous enough to become a threat to humanity if ever they get out of t

ht flashed in his body.

"Why would she choose to work with the Inner Fiend? She's already too powerful. It's unreasonable. Where did you even get this news? You are clearly lying to me!"

Barnes glared at him accusingly. They were in the River of Forgetfulness after all. How could Darren know her whereabouts when he himself couldn't?

It didn't even make sense that she would ally herself with the Inner Fiend.

"Believe it or not, it's my wife who told me this." Darren had no choice but to push through with his lie.

Barnes was stunned by his friend's determination. It made him hesitate. He had heard of Elsa and how she was assimilated by that immortal.

He knew Darren wouldn't just mention her if he wasn't telling the truth.

"My wife is inside the immortal's body, so she's a reliable source," Darren continued to lie.

"Bullshit! I don't believe it! How can the Inner Fiend have such powerful ally?

He has nothing to offer to her," Barnes roared.

"You're being obtuse. If you're an immortal, are you willing to have an eight-tribulation senior holy warrior as your salve?"

Darren had made it clear that the two had gotten into an arrangement. The Inner Fiend would consider her as his master if she would help him assimilate Barnes. This would turn him into an eight-tribulation senior holy warrior, and she would have a very powerful slave in her hands.


Barnes bared his sharp teeth making him look even more ferocious.

"Damn it, damn it!" Finally, he believed Darren.

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