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   Chapter 1061 Revisiting The River Of Forgetfulness

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After the old blue-skinned men escaped, Darren flew to the forbidden domain in the Space-time Palace. The stream that flowed under the forbidden domain was the only way to the River of Forgetfulness.


Darren pounded the ground with his palm. A split second later, his figure began to sink.

"Master, wait for me." The Water Kylin didn't hesitate to follow Darren. Not one to be left behind, the ever-curious Barnes trailed after them.

Darren searched for the stream with his spiritual sense as he passed through the burning magma.

"Darren, how do you discover the location of the River of Forgetfulness?" Barnes asked. They had been silently flying through the magma for a while, and he couldn't take the quietness anymore.

"I chanced upon it by accident," Darren replied calmly.

"You are so lucky," Barnes exclaimed repeatedly.

"What?" Darren's brow furrowed when he heard Barnes's reply. Puzzled, he turned and asked, "Why do you say so?"

"From ancient times to the present, there have been legends of the River of Forgetfulness, but no one has ever found it. It is said that there are incredible treasures inside. When I was at my peak, I had searched everywhere for it. I found many remains and great treasures during my explorations, but I didn't discover the location of the River of Forgetfulness," Barnes explained.

"Really? The River of Forgetfulness has treasures? So we will have the chance to retrieve them?" The Water Kylin smiled.

"It's just a rumor. You shouldn't believe everything you hear. But, even if there were treasures, your little strength would be insufficient," Barnes squinted as he replied to the Water Kylin.

"Ahem, even though I can't collect them, my master can. He is powerful. Don't underestimate us." The Water Kylin was quite unhappy with Barnes' insinuation that he was weak.

"Little brat, you have witnessed my strength before. How dare you speak so rudely? Aren't you afraid of being beaten?" Barnes sneered.

"Fuck off, you damn monkey! My master is here. How dare you threaten me?"

"Just you wait!"

Barnes was beside himself when the Water Kylin didn't apologize. He prepared to teach the legendary beast a lesson!

"Stop it," Darren shouted as annoyance coursed through him. "Monkey, tell me. What kind of treasures are hidden in the River of Forgetfulness?"

"How would I know?" Barnes rolled his eyes. "When we find the treasures, we'll know."

"Ha-ha." Darren curled his lips. "That is easier said than done. Last time I came here, I encountered the immortal."

"You must b

acked the first restriction fiercely with his black stick. Since he now had the strength of a holy emperor, the first restriction was no challenge to him.

"That was easy." Barnes was satisfied with his current strength.

"Then you can continue. I believe there is enough spiritual energy here for me to cultivate. I'll go and practice for a while. Call me when you get through," Darren instructed.

"What?" When Barnes heard this, he felt as though something was wrong. Why would Darren come all the way here only to leave before they broke through the restrictions?

"Water Kylin, either you help the monkey, or you come and cultivate with me." Darren ignored Barnes' outburst and calmly instructed the legendary beast.

"Ha-ha, I'm not as diligent as you. It's boring to cultivate. I'd rather follow the monkey and ensure that he doesn't claim the treasures for himself," the Water Kylin smiled as he refused.

"Well then, that's your choice," Darren said as he looked away. Disappointment laced his tone.

The doubts in Barnes' heart dispelled when he heard their exchange. The Water Kylin was Darren's most loyal subordinate. He would not play any tricks if he left the Water Kylin with Barnes.

After three days, Barnes broke through the second restriction.

At this point, Darren sank to the bottom of the river, and a black swirl enveloped him.

Soon, Darren appeared in front of the witcher ancestor.

"Darren, you are growing so fast." A hint of astonishment reflected in the witcher ancestor's expression.

Darren smiled faintly.

"What do you want from me?" the witcher ancestor asked.

"Phew!" Darren breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I have a lot of questions for you."

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