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   Chapter 1060 The Holy Emperor Flees

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Darren could sense Barnes' sheer excitement from the look on his face.

There was a clattering noise coming from what he was wielding in his hand.

The golden fragments on the surface of the stick had completely disappeared.

"This is the end for you!" Barnes held the stick over his shoulder in a battle-ready stance. He felt his confidence rising from the adrenaline of the moment.

Opposite to Barnes, the holy emperor stood menacingly in the air with a cold expression. He was completely unaware of the change in Barnes.

The holy emperor charged forward in one fell swoop.

He believed he had the upper hand in this battle as he fearlessly headed straight for Barnes.

It seemed that this time, the holy emperor was holding three flags.

They whizzed through the air as he threw them one by one.

The flags landed in a circle around Barnes with a loud thud as the holy emperor came closer. They suddenly grew in size, and three different forces burst out from each of them. Barnes was trapped.

"One enhances defense, one enhances offense and the other one disrupts the enemy. Those three flags have to be supernatural emperor weapons!"

Darren could sense the power of the three flags. Once the holy emperor utilized the flags together, his fighting capacity would increase by at least forty percent!

"Go to hell!"

shouted Barnes, as he charged towards his opponent.

Thunderous noises rang throughout the space as he slashed at the holy emperor.

With every hit, darkness began to spread.

"Barnes...His strength..." Darren murmured. "His strength has doubled!"

Darren was shocked and amazed at the change in Barnes' fighting power. After he transformed his stick, not only his physical strength, but also his fighting power as a whole had doubled.

Darren had the Augmented Attack Bloodline, but this only increased his physical strength. This power was still worlds apart from being able to double his fighting power.

Barnes fought with cool composure. With every swoop of his stick, the holy emperor was losing his ground as he was pushed back little by little.

The holy emperor then ripped out a screeching howl.

After he retreated some distance back, his eyes flashed with a brilliant blue light.

With the glow of his eyes, only then did the holy emperor begin to use his unique holy emperor's power.

He began to give off an overbearing aura, in the form of a harsh wave of blue light, which heavily suppressed Barnes.

If they were initially at odds in terms of strength, now it was as if the holy emperor had added a handicap of a heavy weight to his opponent.

Barnes was taken aback by the holy emperor's power.

Suddenly, a thud followed by a loud crack sounded through the air.

The holy

d monkey, jumping wildly in frustration.

"That's for sure," chuckled Darren, as he nodded. "Your stick seems to be very special. If it hadn't transformed, you might not have been able to beat the holy emperor, right?"

"Special?" With a smile, Barnes replied, "Pal, my weapon is more than just special. Let me tell you something. This is called the Suppressing Stick. It was a weapon of a god from outer space! In fact, the layer of golden metal that was on its surface was a seal. Now that the seal is broken, it's even more powerful than it used to be."

"Seal? If you knew that, why didn't you just open the seal before?" Darren asked.

"The seal set by a god isn't that simple. It's really all thanks to that holy emperor. The seal's strength adapts to its master's realm. In the past, I was already at the peak of a seven-tribulation senior holy warrior, and nobody could break the seal. But now, I'm at a lower realm than I was before. I really didn't expect that a holy emperor could shatter it. I'd call that divine intervention. That's for sure!"

The more Barnes spoke, the more his excitement grew. His Suppressing Stick had just transformed into an even stronger form. Though not yet fully developed, its combat power had increased immensely. Once he got the hang of it, even his fighting power could increase drastically.

"That's great. It's better if you manage to beat him. That way, I wouldn't have to beat him," said Darren.

"Humph. You? He could crush you to death with a single finger, boy!"

"Nah, I don't think so. Don't worry, you'll have the chance to see it. Now it's time for us to get down to business."

Darren turned around and flew away as soon as he said those words. Barnes stared knives into Darren's back as it disappeared into the distance. A hint of darkness flashed through his eyes.

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