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   Chapter 1059 A Battle Between Barnes And The Holy Emperor

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The handsome young man who stepped out of the space crack appeared cold, and his eyes were as deep as the void.

Darren's gaze swept over the young man, who was dressed in a blue robe. Two flags of different colors were inserted on his left and right shoulders.

Behind him, a thirty feet long silver-blue cloak fluttered with the wind. It made his divine aura appear more dignified and aggressive.

The four blue-skinned old men sneered as they called the holy emperor. They believed that these three half-step emperors would surely die at the hands of the holy emperor.

"Listen to our orders. You must protect us with your power. And you have to kill these three creatures. Move now!" The four old men used an arcane controlling skill in unison to order this resurrected emperor.


the holy emperor answered coldly. He didn't dare to resist as his soul was obedient to the orders of the four old men.

"Master, this guy is very powerful." The holy emperor's aura intimidated the Water Kylin.

"A cultivator at the Emperor Realm is indeed, powerful. But he has been dead for so many years. As he is not at his peak, we can fight him."

Darren roughly appraised the strength of this resurrected holy emperor. He used to be a very powerful cultivator, at least at the higher level of the Emperor Realm. But, as much time had passed, Darren estimated that his strength had fallen to, at best, a primary level holy emperor.

"Step back. I will fight him first!"

When Barnes saw such a strong cultivator, the darkness in his eyes deepened, and fighting spirit filled him.

"Okay, okay, you go first." The Water Kylin was thrilled. As the resurrected holy emperor intimated him, he was in no hurry to confront him. With Barnes volunteering to battle the emperor, he could stand back and not get involved.

Darren did not comment on Barnes's offer as he wanted to observe the strength of both sides.


Barnes jumped forward and bared his lips. His sharp fangs glimmered in the weak light.

"I slaughtered guys like you millions of years ago. Today, I will show you what power means!"

With a roar, Barnes raised his golden stick and swept it toward the man.

The entire heaven and earth shook as golden light rushed toward the sky, and the void tumbled like a wave, moving with frightening intensity. The sound emitted was appalling.

Blue light erupted from the holy emperor's body as he raised his white palm and flipped it forward.


The sound of one hundred thousand consecutive collisions rang out in unison, curling the air currents and shatterin

g, it began rolling toward its target at supernatural speed.


This time, as they collided, countless golden fragments appeared in the air. To everyone's astonishment, there was even a hint of blue ripples.

"Watch out!"

Darren, without any warning, rushed to the Water Kylin and released his blade and sword intents. The combined force swept outwards and crushed the falling golden fragments and dispelled the blue ripples.

"God!" The Water Kylin was speechless. Had Darren not stopped the falling power, he would have been severely injured.

"Damn it! What the hell? I'm going to somewhere safe!" The Water Kylin's eyes darkened as he spoke. He didn't have the strength to withstand the aftermath of their attacks from this short distance. "Alas! Strength!"

Darren shook his head. Unable to peel his eyes from the raging battle, he ignored the Water Kylin's words and turned to watch.


After the golden fragments dispersed, Darren spotted many spider net-like cracks appear on Barnes' stick.

"His weapon is about to explode. If that happens, he is sure to lose the battle," Darren murmured with a pensive frown.

Barnes stood in the void surrounded by a dark aura. It was so unprecedentedly strong that it turned this world dark as well.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a moment of silence, the golden stick in Barnes' hand began to shatter.

However, only the external golden shell had been destroyed. As soon as the glittering particles faded, the dark inside engraved with ancient runes was exposed.


Barnes raised his head and roared at the sky. His open mouth resembled a deep black hole.

"It is finally out!" he grinned, but his voice trembled as though he were crying.

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