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   Chapter 1058 Revisiting The Space-time Palace

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Darren stopped upon hearing the Water Kylin's words. He believed that the Water Kylin's argument was reasonable.

As the first fiend ancestor depended on the Inner Fiend, he would not let the Inner Fiend be captured easily.

"Hide the aura. Let's go in the opposite direction," Darren commanded.

Darren and the Water Kylin turned and flew in the other direction.

An hour later, in the void between the forbidden area and the Sacred Palace, the blood-red figure of the first fiend ancestor stepped out of the darkness. He looked furious!

"Damn human!" he cursed. Because of the Witcher Power's restrictions, he didn't dare to go to the Sacred Palace either, nor the area densely populated with ordinary humans.

After they circled hundreds of thousands of kilometers, Darren and the Water Kylin prepared to return.

"Master, now that we don't need to worry about the matter of the first fiend ancestor for the moment, do you want to cultivate or help Scott?" asked the Water Kylin.

"As I have reached the half-step emperor realm and can't improve in a short time, I won't cultivate now," Darren replied.

"Should we visit the Fire Cave then?"

"Not quite. I believe that there won't be any danger to Scott in the near future. I want to go to the River of Forgetfulness," Darren answered.

The River of Forgetfulness had many secrets that intrigued him. And since that immortal had stepped into the River of Forgetfulness, he wanted to explore it.

"I'll accompany you!" The Water Kylin didn't know much about the River of Forgetfulness, but if Darren were headed there, he would follow.

"Okay, you can come with me," Darren agreed. The Water Kylin was quite a strong cultivator now, so they could help each other.

"Should we ask Finley to join us?" the Water Kylin asked.

"He's in the Ancient Void Battlefield. I can call him if we need help," Darren replied with a thoughtful nod.


As they flew at full speed, Darren and the Water Kylin returned to the Sacred Palace in half a day. Once back, Darren made some arrangements in preparation for their journey to the River of Forgetfulness.

Barnes arrived just as Darren was about to leave.

"Hey, Darren, when did you return? And why didn't you visit me?" Barnes patted Darren on the shoulder as he asked.

"I only came back a little while ago," Darren smiled.

"Did you encounter any problems? I heard that the Inner Fiend made trouble again. You didn't get beaten up by him, did you?" When he heard that Darren was going to guard

or realm. Is that ugly black monkey the legendary Barnes? Well, well. Both your companions are famous for their power."

Even though they sensed the astonishing aura emanating from Darren and his two companions, the four old men didn't panic.

"We were going to hunt you and kill you after what you did. Unfortunately, the fiends were making trouble, and our attention was diverted. So we postponed our plan to kill you. But, now you've come to us by yourself. God favors us!" an old man with blue skin remarked.

"It seems that you have nothing to fear. If I'm not wrong, the other holy emperor's corpse you possessed has been revived, right?" Darren stated unhurriedly.

"Ha-ha, you are right, lad!

You must not have considered it, but we found a dark-spirit crystal as big as a thumb at a hundred thousand kilometers deep underground in the mine which you destroyed. Hard work pays off! After searching for many years, we finally found it. Now that the holy emperor's corpse has been revived, we will control the world!"

Upon hearing this, Darren and his companions remained unimpressed. In the past, they would have shuddered at the thought of a holy emperor's corpse being resurrected.

But now, Darren could fight a middle-level holy emperor, and he had two strong assistants to help him. So, Darren was not afraid.

"Well. Fighting a genuine emperor would be a good practice opportunity for me," Darren smiled.

"You are too arrogant! We'll just have to wait and see if you are right. Please, welcome the holy emperor!" The four blue-skinned old men gathered and motivated some kind of array. Then, a young man with a horrifying aura walked out from a space crack.

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