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   Chapter 1057 The Inner Fiend Wants To Be A Slave

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Since it wasn't prudent to let Barnes assimilate the Inner Fiend for the moment, Darren decided to shackle him. He just had to figure out a way to do that.

"Finley, do you know a way to imprison him?" Darren himself was a martial artist. This meant he didn't have the rule skills to imprison people.

"He may have an Eternal Body, but he has been beaten too many times. He doesn't have much strength left, so I think I can imprison him with my true rule. The question now is where I should do that," Finley replied.

"Finding a place won't be a problem. Let's just put him in the Ancient Void Battlefield," the Water Kylin proposed.

"That's a good idea." Darren nodded.

"How stable is the Ancient Void Battlefield at the moment?" Finley asked.

"Don't worry. I'm a half-step emperor now. It would take a long time for the Inner Fiend to smash the battlefield even if he's in his peak stage. And now that he's weak, there will be no problem with the battlefield's stability."

With Darren's newfound strength, the state of the Ancient Void Battlefield had also been improved.

"That's good. When he revives, you send us in together," Finley said.

Darren nodded his head at that. A few minutes later, the Inner Fiend's body was finally condensed. There was no struggle or resistance on the Inner Fiend's part because he was too weak to fight them off.

"Darren, let me go." The Inner Fiend was afraid that Darren would try to break him again.

"Why should I let you go?" Darren sneered.

"We can make a deal," the Inner Fiend responded.

"I don't want anything from you!" Darren snapped. His face had turned cold.

"Please hear me out." Deep inside, the Inner Fiend was panicking. His desperation had urged him to continue, "My purpose for cooperating with the first fiend ancestor is to assimilate Barnes and become an eight-tribulation senior holy warrior."

"Cut the crap. We know that already." It was the Water Kylin who spoke. His fangs were bared, and he waved his claws in the air threateningly.

The Inner Fiend's face crumpled in anger. The corners of his lips were pulled down and his nose was all scrunched up. However, he restrained his fury because he knew he was too weak to fight them off any longer.

"If it were up to me, I wouldn't have cooperated with the first fiend ancestor in the first place. He's dangerous, and I think you know what I mean," the Inner Fiend said.

Darren remained silent. Finley glanced at him briefly before asking, "Are you saying

id and specific to the point of being terrifying.

Darren laughed and shook his head. "That's because you aren't as strong as he is. If he becomes an eight-tribulation senior holy warrior, the rule that bounds him as my slave would become unstable. Who knows maybe he can break it eventually.

Besides, we have no proof yet that Barnes is targeting the human race. Maybe he won't? Maybe he will? It's all just conjecture. If Barnes really wants to help the human race, but we simply capture him and give him to his enemy, do you think it's fair to him? It's not my style to do such a thing.

Lastly, if the Inner Fiend really wants to submit to me, then will it matter if I suppress him for some time? If Barnes turns out to be a threat to us, I'll go to the Inner Fiend for help. I'm sure he'll concede to my request once he is suppressed for some time. In this way, he'll be more sincere."

"Master, you are indeed wise. You really have it all, don't you," the Water Kylin said, amazed at Darren's explanation.

There was no rush in accepting the Inner Fiend's offer. After all, he was still under Darren's mercy whether they accepted it or not.

"Let's head back to the Sacred Palace. The Inner Fiend has finally been suppressed, while the first fiend ancestor won't be able to get close to the forbidden areas to save the rest of his body parts. We should be fine for now," Darren said. He and the Water Kylin then flew away together.

"Oh no!" The Water Kylin stopped all of a sudden and turned to Darren. Worry was etched on his face. "What if the first fiend ancestor comes after us and tries to save the Inner Fiend after we leave the forbidden area?"

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