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   Chapter 1056 Shattering It

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Finley attacked the Inner Fiend with the power of over ten different true rules.

Such was the combined force of these true rules that it seemed to unsettle the Inner Fiend.

"Damned you, Water Kylin, attack with all your strength!" Finley roared.

"As you wish!"

The Water Kylin's golden hair stood up, accompanied by blue lightning, roaring flames from outer space, and true water skill. All kinds of powerful attack methods erupted from his hands.

At the same time, a red and blue Immortal Character spun above him. As the Immortal Character was released, the Water Kylin's power and energy soared.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Taking advantage of this surge in his strength, the Water Kylin flew forward and slashed at the Inner Fiend with his massive claws.

Overwhelmed by the madness of these attacks, the Inner Fiend was forced back a little.


Despite the temporary setback, the Inner Fiend's opinion of his opponents' strength didn't change. Still confident of his abilities, the Inner Fiend rationalized, 'The two nonentities' skills are unique and aggressive. However, their cultivation levels are too low for them to exert strength comparable to the Emperor Realm. Even if they combined their powers, they would only be equal to a cultivator at primary level of the Emperor Realm, who only uses his physical strength. How can they be a match for me?'

As a six-tribulation senior holy warrior at the top level, the Inner Fiend possessed a dodecahedral crystal. Its combat power was much higher than that of a human cultivator at the top-level of the six-tribulation realm.

"Ah!" The Inner Fiend roared as he summoned all his power. A split second later, the rune on the golden stick exploded, and the power it contained burst forth in torrents.

The blast pushed both Finley and the Water Kylin back and then the Inner Fiend chased them.

"One attack of my stick is enough to kill you!" The Inner Fiend was elated at the thought that it would be easy for him to kill the two ants.

The golden stick broke the space, and in the blink of an eye, it besieged Finley and the Water Kylin. It all happened so fast that they couldn't avoid it.

"Fight harder!" Although Finley's aura was ferocious, he emitted a soft golden light.

"Don't worry. I'll handle this." Darren flew over and patted Finley's shoulder. Then, he thrust forth his palm.


The golden light exploded, and the force pushed Darren backward. At the same time, the golden stick was repelled by him!


The Inner Fiend was stunned. He had expected his attack to devastate the two nonentities. To his astonishment, his golden stick had been defeated. And by a non-match!

Even a cultivator at the primary

narrated by human beings!

"I estimate that he will return to life after fifteen minutes. Water Kylin, it's your turn to smash him to pieces," Darren instructed. He then turned to Finley and said, "Send Barnes a message that I've suppressed the Inner Fiend. It is time for him to finish this."

The Inner Fiend had said that Barnes was the only one who could kill him.

And hence, Darren commanded Finley to send such a message to Barnes. Once Barnes assimilated the Inner Fiend, he would reach the top level and become the second eight-tribulation senior holy warrior in history!

"Darren, that damn monkey has made several contributions, but it doesn't mean that he is righteous. Reconsider please," Finley reminded Darren after some hesitation.

Barnes was a ruthless warrior, just like the high-level emperors who only cared about their interests.

Over the years, he had guarded the forbidden areas only because it benefitted him. If the Inner Fiend had released all the first fiend ancestor's body parts, the ancestor would have helped the Inner Fiend to slay Barnes. That was the only reason Barnes wanted to stop the Inner Fiend at any cost.

Self-preservation was Barnes' reason for siding with the human race. It was also his motivation to convince the strong cultivators behind the human race to help him. Of course, what he valued the most was not the law enforcers of the Sacred Palace. He didn't even care about Finley and the Water Kylin.

What Barnes cared about was someone more powerful in the human race.

"You have a point. Once Barnes has nothing to fear, he may turn into a tyrant."

Darren pondered over the dilemma for a while. He knew that Barnes had demonstrated both righteous indignation and evil tendencies. It was not prudent to let him ascend to the peak at this moment.

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