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   Chapter 1055 Fight The Inner Fiend

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Darren let down his defenses and was killed at a quick flash, as he was attacked simultaneously by dozens of half-step emperors. His body went limp and crashed to the ground!

"Hurry up! Quickly, send Darren into the passage!"

With no time to waste, a group of people hastily rushed Darren into the passage. His corpse vanished in a flash.

"May the heavens assure his safe arrival," said Linda, choking back tears. Hope was all they could hold onto now.

"Let us all pray for his safety," everyone murmured.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, two figures were pacing around nervously, awaiting Darren.

"It's him! He seems to be coming!" one of them suddenly shouted.

At the entrance of the passageway, Finley and the old man were waiting.


Darren's corpse, devoid of aura, came flying out through the passageway.

Gusts of wind began to shift around the space focusing immediately around the corpse.

Two powerful Life True Rules were applied to the body in unison.

Shimmering green dots of light covered Darren's body. His damaged heart slowly began to rejuvenate.

After six hours, Darren finally woke up. The shock of life returning to his body had him feeling ecstatic.

"Ha-ha, I made it!" he shouted in relief. He felt like a new person. Finley, weak and sweaty from healing Darren's body for many hours, smiled excitedly upon seeing Darren wake up.

Darren immediately got up and flew towards them.

He landed in front of Finley and the old man with a proud smile on his face.

"Good job, boy! You have made big progress in your cultivation level. Congratulations! You're a half-step emperor now!" the old man of the Mythological Palace said with a smile. He was immensely proud of Darren.

"This is still far from enough." Darren smiled. Then he turned to look at Finley. "Hey Finley, quit the modesty. You didn't do so bad yourself. Now you're even higher than me in terms of cultivation level!"

"Of course I am, I've been cultivating faster than you! Let's go back and celebrate," said Finley, chuckling. The three of them happily walked off together, ready for a celebration party.

In the great hall, many people had been anxiously waiting for many hours. Nobody could speak a word as they were so worried about Darren.

The moment Darren walked in, the entire room burst into excited gasps and joyful tears. Amongst the crowd, a golden figure flew over and collided right into Darren.

"Master, I missed you so much! I thought I would never see you again!" Darren couldn't breathe from the Water Kylin's huge body knocking him onto the ground in a tight embrace.

"Get off me! I just got back to life. Are you trying to

electricity crackling, a golden monkey appeared from the shadows.

"Excuse yourselves, do you think you deserve to have been lured here? I wanted Barnes! Where is Barnes?!" shouted a very annoyed Inner Fiend.

The entire reason why he had caused a ruckus was to lure the injured Barnes out and devour him.

With a strange turn of events, he'd instead lured two humans and a kylin.

"Well I didn't expect you to be alive and breathing, that's for sure." The Inner Fiend sneered at Darren.

"You're still alive. So why can't I be alive too?" Darren jeered back.

"You bastards! You've ruined my plans! Go to hell!" the Inner Fiend roared, revealing sharp tusks.

Finley looked on in horror as he sensed that they'd been completely sealed into the surrounding space. Even if he tried using his space skills, retreat was impossible.

"I wouldn't be so confident if I were you," Darren said indifferently.

"Do you seriously believe you could win a fight against me?" The Inner Fiend sneered. He learned that Darren was only a half-step emperor. Killing him would be as easy as crushing an ant.

Wielding a golden stick, he strode towards the three warriors.

"Water Kylin, go!" shouted Finley.

Knowing what he meant, the Water Kylin rushed out with him.

Both of them knew that Darren was new to the half-step emperor realm and might be understandably weaker than them. They took the initiative to form a protective stance in front of Darren.

"Master, we can't hold him off for long. You must take this opportunity to escape," the Water Kylin said anxiously.

"There's no need to panic," Darren replied.

An explosion then rang throughout the space, and the void began to shake. In a flash, the Water Kylin and Finley were already clashing with the Inner Fiend.

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