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   Chapter 1004 Sea Spiritual King

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The ten drops of blood essence from the Ape Spiritual King were invaluable treasures. Even an ordinary person could reach the Holy Realm if he took them.

Darren removed a jade bottle from his Space Ring and put the blood essence in it.

"Thank you." Darren saluted as he released the little ape.

Dissatisfied, the little ape snarled, rushed at Darren, and tried to scratch him. But the old ape dragged him back.

"Behave yourself," the old ape said as he stroked the little ape's head.

"But, Grandpa, they are too shameless!" The little ape pouted.

"Humans are cunning and despicable creatures. Now that the avatar has concluded an oath with you, there's nothing I can do about it," the old ape said. Then, he turned to look at Darren and the other two people, and roared, "Get out of my sight, you shameless people."

Darren curled his lips and said, "Sir, I heard that Yahya is still on your island. Is that true?"

The little ape fumed at Darren's question. He said, "Despicable human, what else do you want to do? It was a mistake for my master not to have killed you!"

"Calm down," Darren said. Then he continued, "Yahya and I are rivals, and we must fight. It's our destiny, and no one can change it."

"Human, Yahya is indeed on my island. He is in the forbidden area. I can open a passage for you if you want to fight him,"

the old ape replied calmly, which surprised Darren.

"No, thanks." Darren laughed. The old ape's attitude had changed. Earlier, he had seemed hesitant and unwilling. But now, he appeared almost eager. Darren knew that the old ape must have something up his sleeve, so he refused. He figured that the cunning old ape must want him to die in the so-called forbidden area.

"Are you afraid? You despicable people," the old ape snorted.

"Sir, you don't have to provoke me. I'll fight with Yahya sooner or later, but not now. When he comes out, please tell him that I will kill him in ten years."

Then, Darren flew away with the Rule Soul Avatar and the old man.


A roar laced with resentment echoed from the island after Darren and his companions left.

The three flew over the sea at a comfortable speed. They were in no hurry as they had acquired the blood essence.

"Darren, why do you need this blood essence?" the old

was dissatisfied with the power of the Shura Force?" Darren was at a loss and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The Shura Force was such a powerful force, and yet the man rejected it! This made Darren even more curious. Who was that man?


Just as the three were chatting, violent winds and massive waves suddenly rose above the sea.

Immediately, they unleashed their spiritual sense to probe.

"Someone is coming!"

Darren sensed a human's breath in the center of the storm.

"It's Hailey."

The Rule Soul Avatar was able to detect the person in the storm more clearly.

Before Darren divided the rule soul, the Rule Soul Avatar shared the same soul as Darren, so he was also familiar with Hailey.

"We should investigate what is happening to her," Darren said.

"Wait!" the old man said with a frown.

"Why do you stop us, sir?"

The old man did not answer immediately. Instead, he continued to probe the water for a while before he said, "There's something else in the water. It's him!"

Astounded, the Rule Soul Avatar used his silvery eyes to probe the area thoroughly.

The image of a terrifying living creature formed in the Rule Soul Avatar's mind. Its whole body was pitch black, and it was very tall. It had a human body and a dragon head.

"Are you referring to the overlord of the sea, the Sea Spiritual King who is more powerful than the old ape?"

"Yes. Only the Sea Spiritual King can have such a powerful aura!" the old man nodded.

Darren's face darkened when he heard this.

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