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   Chapter 1003 Despicable Humans

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Upon hearing this, Darren laughed and said, "Don't place all your hopes on your so-called master. My avatar and the tribe ancestor had already driven him and his master away. I'm afraid he won't dare come out again."

"That's bullshit! My master will come out of the forbidden area soon. And when he does, he will kill you and your companions." The little ape was adamant with his belief as he glared at Darren.

Darren frowned. "Don't be too arrogant. Your master isn't strong enough to enter the forbidden area. And even if he did, he's probably dead by now."

Of course, Darren himself had no idea what the forbidden area on this island was, but the little ape didn't have to know that. Darren was simply trying to wheedle information out of the latter.

"My master is the most talented cultivator in the world. I'm sure that he will succeed in getting out of the forbidden area." As the little ape spoke, his eyes fell on the gigantic ape stone statue that stood like a mountain from a distance. This didn't escape Darren's notice.

"So the forbidden area is in the giant stone statue!" Darren realized.

The little ape laughed and said, "So what if you know? No one can open the way to the forbidden area except for my grandfather. You say you want to kill my master? Well, good luck on that!"

"Then I suppose I ought to bother your grandfather for a bit." Darren smiled.

"Go away. My grandfather won't help you."

But Darren ignored the little ape and continued, "Let's see if your grandfather truly loves you."

The expression on the little ape's face instantly changed. He seemed to have guessed Darren's real intentions.

"Are you thinking of using me to threaten my grandfather?" The little ape seemed nervous about this.

"So it seems you're not that stupid."

With that, Darren dashed towards the little ape at full speed.

"I won't let you!"

With a roar, the little ape immediately set off into the sea.

"Humph, I'm sorry." Darren sneered as his body suddenly turned red.

With his palms, he let out the terrifying power of the Shura Force towards the sea.

In a blink of an eye, the little ape was surrounded.

Darren gathered all his power and flung the little ape's body to the air.

With his right hand, he caught t

et the old ape give you his blood essence first before you let him go. If not, he'll definitely kill us," the Rule Soul Avatar cautioned Darren after analyzing the situation.

"Yes, you're right. He has been humiliated today, so once he gets his grandson back, he'll try to regain his dignity and kill us."

Darren quickly picked up on the avatar's conclusion and addressed the old ape, "Please don't risk your life, sir, because I will tell my avatar to make an oath with your grandson. If you kill us, your grandson will die as well."

The avatar proceeded with using the Oath Rule upon Darren's instructions.

With a weak creature such as the little ape, the Rule Soul Avatar could force any oath on him and kill him directly.

"I swear to you in my name. If we, three people, die at the hands of the Ape Spiritual King, you will die immediately,"

the avatar vowed. The black oath slithered its way into the little ape's body in an instant.

With that done, the Rule Soul Avatar turned his attention back to the old ape.

Frustration clouded the old ape's eyes as he realized that the three humans had undermined him.

Unable to restrain his sadness, he howled.

The sound echoed back his own grief.

"You dirty humans! This won't end well for you!"

With that, the old ape raised his palm and stabbed it straight to his heart. Ten drops of blood slowly dripped down from his chest and made their way towards Darren. He now had ten drops of the purest blood of a spiritual beast king.

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