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   Chapter 973 Recovery Of The Primitive Crystal

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It was beyond Darren's expectation that the young man from the tribe had possessed the Primitive Fighting Force.

The Primitive Fighting Force and the Dark Force were the primary sources of the Shura Force. Only when these two forces were mixed could the Shura Force be produced.

Darren had both the crystal of the two forces, but since the rule systems were different, his power had dissipated. Therefore, since he was in the ancient times, he needed to cultivate again.

In order to re-cultivate the two forces, he had to find the medium of the two forces. Otherwise, the two crystals in his body were obsolete.

Luckily, Darren met a young man who had the Primitive Fighting Force, and it was exactly what he needed to recover his own primitive crystal!

"Boy, do you have a problem with me?" Darren stood up hastily.

Darren was weak, but he did not want to lose the chance of activating his primitive crystal through Aven's Primitive Fighting Force. In addition, Darren had the ancestor of their tribe behind his back. Thus, he was not worried about his safety at all.

"Yeah, so? What sorcery did you use to befriend our great ancestor? Losers like you don't just get acquainted with powerful men like him! I'm sure that I can defeat you with my bare hands!" Aven shouted angrily. He did not plan on killing Darren directly since their ancestor might come after him and his family.

"Oh, really? I accept your challenge!" Darren said.

He could tell that Aven was as strong as an inferior holy warrior of the contemporary times. As he cultivated himself depending on the ancient spiritual energy, his real strength might be even stronger than a senior holy warrior in the later ages.

Darren's strength was not on par with the young man.

However, he knew that Aven might use his Primitive Fighting Force to attack him. If that happened, his crystal could absorb it, and he would not be killed by it.

However, it would only be possible if the young man would not use his physical strength, otherwise Darren would be smashed into pieces.

"Deal!" Aven said while gritting his teeth.

At that time, a man next to the young man also st

imitive crystal suddenly turned into a bright cyan. It came to function again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Primitive Fighting Force continuously gushed into Darren's body.

The spectators were dumbfounded.

"What? He did not even release any power to resist the attack!"

"Why is he still alive?"

"Aven, are you really this weak?"

Everyone was puzzled. They clearly saw that the attack fell on Darren, but they were confused at how he managed to withstand the impact of the Primitive Fighting Force.

Aven was shocked too.

'Is this guy a secret great master?' Suddenly, a bad idea struck Aven.

On the other hand, Darren was flustered.

At first, he transferred a large amount of Primitive Fighting Force into his body to activate the primitive crystal. However, when the primitive crystal had reached its peak state, it could not consume more of the force's power.

The Primitive Fighting Force released by Aven was so tremendously powerful that an excess of a thousandth of it was enough to kill Darren.

"Holy crap!" Darren was overwhelmed with how immense Aven's power was. He immediately released the Primitive Fighting Force from his body in a hurry since it was too dangerous for him.

However, he did not have enough time to resist it.

"It's too risky. Am I done?" murmured Darren.

He thought that he could be safe with his high level primitive crystal. However, the result was always far from right.

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