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   Chapter 968 The Bloody Shura Force

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The Starry Tower was suspended in mid-air, emitting a golden light. The phantom stared at the Starry Tower and felt its aura.

"Brat, how did you get this tower?" The phantom still could not believe his eyes.

"Of course my master gave it to me," Darren calmly said.

Yahya was baffled by what he had heard. 'This man's master is the master of my master?' he thought in disbelief. He couldn't accept it.

"Don't trust him, Master. He must have played some tricks to deceive you!" Yahya anxiously cried out.

The phantom slowly shook his head. "No, that's indeed my master's aura. No one in the world will be able to trick me about that."

"So, my master is also your master! Shouldn't you show respect to me now?" Darren beamed at the phantom.

"Shut up, you brat. My master has recruited countless disciples in the boundless universe. In the end, whether you can become his real disciple or not depends on whether you have the ability to break through the Super Emperor Realm and enter the Primitive Wilderness. Right now, you are just a nominal disciple, a position you're not even qualified for.

But since you have been chosen by my master, it shows that you have some potential. So I'll let you go one last time. Get out of here immediately. If you dare to kill my disciple again, I will show no mercy. Get out!" The phantom's hands were balled tightly into fists as he glared at Darren.

"Master, we'd better leave now," Justin muttered.

"Yeah, Darren, let's go," Hailey reiterated.

Darren paused and thought for a while. Currently, it would be impossible to kill Yahya. The best choice for them was to escape unharmed.

"Alright, let's go."

Darren turned around and led them away.

Yahya was uneasy and had a few qualms about his master's instruction but he had no choice but to follow it. However, he couldn't help but voice out his concerns.

"Master, you're going to let him go just like that? But you promised me three terms. You promised me that you would help me."

There was actually a special reason why he was able to become a disciple of the god from outer space.

The phantom had met a devastating catastrophe that had left his original body ruined and his soul trapped. Yahya happened to come upon him, broke through countless restrictions, and by luck,

k it's not easy to get the inheritance. There must be other conditions. Darren, do you think he wanted us to kill the Bloody Shura to avenge himself?"

Darren's heart started to beat fast as soon as he heard Hailey's words. What she said was possible.

Back when Darren became the new master of the Ancient Void Battlefield, the Grand Void Emperor wanted Darren to avenge him as well.

"Maybe, the Bloody Shura..." Darren muttered to himself. He also inherited the Bloody Shura Force, but he hadn't really developed its power yet, but he was looking forward to using the full power of Bloody Shura in the future.

"Hang on… Now that I'm in the ancient times. Will it be possible for me to improve my Bloody Shura Force faster?" The thought suddenly occurred to him.

Darren's time, after all, was hundreds of millions of years away from the ancient times. The rule system had changed, therefore he made slow progress on cultivating the Bloody Shura Force. Since he was now in the ancient times, perhaps a real Bloody Shura existed. Perhaps the ancient rule system would be very advantageous for the cultivation of the Bloody Shura Force.

If that was the case, it would be the best choice to cultivate the Bloody Shura Force now.

"There is a corpse of a Bloody Shura in my Ancient Void Battlefield. Could that be helpful?"

All of a sudden, Darren remembered the corpse with red hair that he had taken from the Space-time Palace. If he could get something from it, his Bloody Shura Force would surely be greatly enhanced.

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